Readers Write 7/29


Work toward solution

Thank you for including the op-ed in support of comprehensive immigration reform (“Nation needs comprehensive, flexible immigration reform,” Opinion, July 22).

We need a rational, enforceable and workable solution to our nation’s broken system. There is consensus across party lines to fix it.

Now, our Congress and President Obama must step up, and get it done right. Enforcement-only tactics will not work in isolation of a comprehensive solution. Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson should work toward a solution once again.

Jerry Gonzalez, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials


Chosen to be captives

It is generally acknowledged that zoos are not an ideal substitute for the natural environments of animals. In captivity, many animals lose their innate abilities. Whatever our intentions in confining these animals, we still regret the loss of freedom of these creatures.

I believe an analogy can be drawn between zoos and the “cradle-to-grave” society that Americans are rapidly adopting. By permitting the government to supply more of our wants and needs, we are losing our will and ability to live as the free, self-sufficient people we were born to be.

We may think that we will want for nothing in such a society, when, in fact, we will have nothing of value. We will have no work ethic, ingenuity, self-respect, or free will, and, ultimately, no will to live. Perhaps most discouraging of all is that we have chosen to be captives. What other animal would choose that?

Susan Rugaber, Atlanta

We got the ‘B’ team

When Barack Obama took office, we were in a big economic mess. You would have hoped that he would have recruited the best possible economic experts to solve this problem, but it looks like we got the “B” team instead.

The administration would like us to believe that “everybody was fooled. Nobody could have known what to do.” But that is not true. There were people warning about all the misguided spending and bailouts, but they wouldn’t listen.

And so, the unemployment keeps rising. And the debt keeps rising. And the deficit keeps rising. And the government continues with its reckless liberal programs.

Where is the adult supervision when you need it?

Bill Whitlow, Loganville

Punish Bush, Cheney

As torture stands right now, it is simply “bad.” Until the people who perpetrated torture, in the name of the American people, are tried and convicted of torture as a criminal act, that is all it will ever be, just “bad.

” George Bush and Dick Cheney must be tried and convicted. If not, you paint us all with the same ugly brush.

Kenneth Sayers, Atlanta