Readers Write 7/8


Hope district attorneys will file charges

Regarding “Investigation: Hall knew — or should have known — about cheating” (, July 5), what did we expect when they blocked the investigation?

I certainly hope that the district attorneys of each county will follow up with harsh charges so this does not happen again. I have two sons in public school who have scored well on this test each year, and this group of liars has downgraded my sons’ accomplishments.

Atlanta Public Schools’ handling of this matter has just trashed a decade of students — and they should be held accountable.

Shame on you, Beverly Hall.

T. Tindall, Atlanta

Hall should return superintendent award

Perhaps, in light of the incredible APS cheating report, whoever gave Hall the national Superintendent of the Year award should ask for it back. If she had any conscience, she’d send it back without being asked for it.

Jim Barco, Gainesville

Hall should return her bonus money, too

As a graduate of Atlanta Public Schools (and a taxpayer), I am appalled at the widespread, unethical behavior of the APS administrators, principals and teachers. They betrayed the trust of the students, parents and community.

Beverly Hall must return her bonuses and her awards. The district attorneys must prosecute where appropriate.

Ben Shapiro, Atlanta


Illegal immigrants need us, and we need them

The illegal immigrants are here because we need them. They would not be here unless there were jobs. There are jobs available because no one else wants to do them.

We need to have a simple way for people to get a work visa. It is way too difficult.

There needs to be a reasonable strategy. For example, if a company needs a worker, and a person needs a job, the person could get a work visa for a year. If a person gets a work visa for a year and returns to his or her home country, he could then re-apply for another one. If he does this twice, he could then apply for a permanent resident visa.

There are many, many good and decent people here who are living in fear. We need them. They need us. Let’s get this crazy dilemma resolved.

Steve Savage, Marietta


Don’t compete to eat; compete to feed others

When millions of people (many of them children) are starving, is it immoral to hold contests eating sickening amounts of food in record time? Would it not be more commendable to donate a record amount of food by companies to charitable institutions or individuals who need it? How about that for a contest?

Josephine Maloney, Sandy Springs