Government corruption disheartening

For some time now, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has ferreted out and exposed government corruption at many levels. While it is reassuring to know you are helping the citizens achieve better government, it is disheartening to hear of so many questionable and outright illegal activities occurring. As pointed out by Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address, elected officials should provide government of the people, by the people and for the people. Apparently many political leaders interpret government for the people to mean for the benefit of them, their family and cronies. They stop at nothing to take as much as possible and many current rules easily allow it. Once corruption is exposed, it is incumbent upon the legal arm to prosecute and punish offenders and to the people to become more involved in selecting those with integrity.


More media need courage to pursue investigative reporting

Growing up as a young boy and before television, one of my favorite radio shows was called “The Big Story.” It singled out reporters who wrote on the types of investigations The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has been doing in areas such as Mayor Bill Campbell, Atlanta Public Schools, property assessments, and now, DeKalb County. It is a shame more of the media do not have the courage, take the interest and devote the resources that you obviously do to investigative reporting.


Gun rights advocates on a slippery slope

Gun rights advocates frequently like to warn us about slippery slopes. Well, a real slippery slope is in action. (“Two more dads sue over law on guns,” Metro, Aug. 31). House Bill 60 was passed despite widespread opposition to almost every aspect of the bill. From that, three fathers have sued their school districts for the right to carry guns to their childrens’ school functions. Their Georgia lawyer specifically cited HB 60 as part of the basis for the lawsuit. Georgia lawmakers have attempted to distance themselves from fallout from HB 60, but it’s pretty hard when the plaintiff’s attorney lists your bill as the reason for his lawsuit.


Focus on ‘militarization’ of public

Regarding (“Stop militarization of local police,” Aug. 28). It might be better for us to reflect on the “militarization” of the public and our national policy about weapons. For years we have looked the other way as public spaces have been flooded with guns, putting police forces often at a great disadvantage. The escalation of high-powered weaponry should come as no surprise; the average police officer is often called into situations where thugs are armed with AR-15s, some of which can be modified into fully automatic assault rifles. This reflects a monumental failure of public policy. We create these social problems, expect the police to clean up the mess and then complain when they do what is necessary to survive.


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