Readers Write 12/25

Counties should obey state laws on rates

I want to commend the AJC on its revealing commentary (“Property tax meltdown,” News). Unfortunately, the property tax owners have no one in their court for them as usual, to the point that they are subjugated to the will of the county governments. Their “due justice” is so difficult with the board of equalization and superior courts that most taxpayers are intimidated by the appeal process, and most don’t want the aggravation of dealing with the aristocracy of county governments.

What really bothered me, as it should most people, were the comments from homeowner Ademona Dada: “I want the county to make some money. I work for counties, so how are they going to pay me if they don’t have money?”

Unfortunately, this “unjust enrichment” may be the thought process of the tax assessors and other county leaders, as they have no incentive to obey the law and lower and raise homeowners’ values in accordance with the state laws. This should not be about counties making money that it doesn’t deserve from distressed homeowners.

Jerome Jernigan, ATLANTA


Our congressmen waste time while we sink

Congress has added an unbelievably staggering amount of debt to our country this year in the name of “stimulus,” the unemployment rate is over 10 percent and the economy is in the toilet — but our honorable congressmen had time to worry about college football playoffs. Where is Nero with his fiddle when we need him?

Jim Chambers, Tucker


Women don’t die from breast cancer

Women just won’t listen, even though there are numerous doubts regarding the efficiency of mammograms. Mammograms were not invented to save lives. They were invented first to make money. Women don’t die from breast cancer — they die from the treatments. Many times, there are errors in reading the mammograms, and doctors are acting on tiny spots that may go away if left alone. There are far more women who don’t get mammograms all over the world, and don’t die from breast cancer. I haven’t had a mammogram in many years, and I know lots of women who have stopped them also. Joyce Fokes, Braselton


Palin column shows her lack of understanding

Re “Does ‘Climate-gate’ cast doubt on global warming claims?” (Opinion, Dec. 15): A few e-mails from a few rogue scientists (if that is what they are) do not undermine the consensus of the scientific community that climate change is real, that it is largely due to human activities and that its results will be catastrophic if we do nothing about it. Science is not a monolithic enterprise, controlled from above by a few individuals with a political agenda. It consists of thousands of independent individual scientists, universities and research institutions, whose research findings have converged to form the current consensus about climate change.

Sarah Palin’s failure to understand that, and the shallow and confused thinking she exhibits in her column, are more evidence that she is intellectually unqualified to hold high political office.

Charles Powell, Canton

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