Readers Write 11/23

Dumping dairy not a wise lifestyle choice

Re: “Some choose to dump dairy” (Living, Nov. 11). As a registered dietitian, I know it is difficult to get the recommended amount of calcium if you cut dairy from your diet. While other foods like arugula and soy beverages do contain calcium, it’s in smaller amounts, and not as easily absorbed by the body. Science and the broader medical community do not support the health claims made on the Web sites referred to in this article.

Dairy’s role in the diet has strong support from many reputable health organizations. Of particular concern are the raw milk comments made by Becky Mauldin. Since its introduction over a century ago, pasteurization has been recognized around the world as an essential tool for ensuring that milk and dairy foods are safe.

Betsy Dietsch, program account manager, Southeast United Dairy Industry Association Inc.


Cuts in Medicare hurt those dependent on it

The coming cuts in Medicare will work hardships on the elderly, as more and more physicians refuse to accept patients whose insurance coverage is Medicare and/or Tricare.

This is terribly unfair to honest working men and women who have counted on this government health coverage. It is even more unfair to elderly, retired military personnel whose coverage now consists of Medicare and Tricare for Life. Tricare for Life is a secondary payer whose coverage is already severely limited, adding extremely little, if anything, to the Medicare payment to physicians and other health care services.

We should all be aware that what the government gives, the government can take away.

John M. Cowart, Douglasville


Civil union suitable for same-sex matrimony

I read “Unequal rights for a model citizen” (Opinion, Nov. 11), and agree that couples that are bound together legally should have the same rights as those who are married, with the exception that the term “marriage” should apply only to a male and female union, while those of the same sex should be labeled something else — such as “civil union,” or some other non-marriage term.

James Pudvin, Atlanta


‘Give this man the works’ on Veterans Day

My father, 84, was in the nail salon of a Marietta Wal-Mart recently to have his toenails trimmed because of his diabetes.

While rolling up Dad’s pant legs, the pedicurist saw the tattoos spanning each of his calves. Dad explained that he had gotten them when he was a very young man serving in the Navy during WW II. Moments later, a woman went to the register. “Give this man the works,” she said. “It’s on me.” Dad was very surprised by this gesture, and began resisting the woman’s generosity. She explained, “My husband is in Afghanistan. He’ll be coming home in a week. It would make my day if you would let me do this for you, a fellow veteran.”

Dad made this woman’s day, and she made his. He came home to tell us all about his first full pedicure and manicure. It was Veterans Day. We do remember, and salute our veterans.

Rita Morgan Richardson, Nashville, Tenn.

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