Readers write


Congress should work

for good of all people

There is not a lot that I want for Christmas, but receiving the following presents would make me very happy.

First, I would like our Congress to come together and work as one for the good of all of our country’s people — not just the people in their parties, or ideologies.

Next, I would like for the Republicans in Congress to respect our elected president for what he is, and not disrespect him for who he is.

Lastly, I would like for the legislators in our state to work harder for the people in our state, rather than the corporations in our state.



Cannabis critic shows

ignorance about drug

I was shocked and frightened by Jerry Luquire’s position on marijuana (“Drug laws are clear: Marijuana is illegal,” Opinion, Dec. 19). It was almost as if he knew nothing at all about cannabis.

Has he not learned anything from Prohibition, the Salem witch hunts, or the Crusades? People violate unjust laws by ignoring them.

His position on cannabis is just a bit outdated and dangerous. There is plenty of research literature on cannabis out there, if Mr. Luquire would like to come in from the Dark Ages.

Who would ever imagine a Georgia religious group might be a bit backwards in its mindset?



It really does matter

what we call ourselves

The Leonard Pitts column of Dec. 19 (“Let us bury desire to use a self-denigrating word,” Opinion) hits the spot.

Words have meaning. If this is how we think of ourselves, on what basis can we claim respect?



We need to see things

as they are in Mideast

It may be conceptually admirable to “dare to fail” (“In Mideast, at least give Kerry credit for trying,” Opinion, Dec. 20), but not so commendable when the prospects for success are so pitifully low and the risks of failure so extraordinarily high. A diplomatic impasse with Iran will allow one of the worst regimes in the world to possess the world’s worst weapon. Utterly predictable failure of current Israel-Palestinian talks could presage very serious violence.

This column seemed to paraphrase that “My Fair Lady” tune: Why can’t these foreigners be more like us? They’re not, and no imagining otherwise will change that. The Iranian mullahocracy sees possession of nuclear weapons as critical to its ambitions. As for the Palestinians, they have consistently demonstrated far less interest in establishing their own state than in demolishing Israel. There is no evidence that they are now any closer to accepting the legitimacy of a sovereign Jewish Mideast state or to declaring an end of conflict. Rational? No — but that’s the way it is.