Readers Write, 9/17


Too many Georgians feel their voices aren’t heard

Jay Bookman’s column on Georgia Power Co.’s proposed rate increase was a good representation of public sentiment (“Hikes shouldn’t be almost painless,” Opinion, Sept. 14). Too many Georgians feel like their voices go unheard when it comes to their rising energy bills.

While the Public Service Commission is supposed to balance the interests of the regulated utilities and the public, the hefty resources of Georgia Power and Atlanta Gas Light Co. seem to outweigh the voices for ratepayers.

Anyone concerned about their increasing utility costs can address their commissioners at public hearings in Atlanta on Oct. 4 at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. in the PSC hearing room, 244 Washington St. S.W.

Danny Orrock, deputy director, Georgia Watch


Bookman not telling us the facts about rates

After reading Jay Bookman’s negative opinion of Georgia Power Co., I felt the most important truth was left out. If Georgia Power was to eliminate every local, state and federal stealth tax that they pay, our rates would be cut in half instantly. They are forced to pay lobbyists (and we should applaud them for doing so), simply to keep greedy politicians from tacking on more taxes.

Georgia Power has a very high reputation and governance rating. Georgia Power is trying to prepare and plan for the future in a regulated business, and we should be thanking them. It’s not Georgia Power — it’s the government forcing our rates up with stealth taxes. Georgia needs to understand that. Bookman is not telling us the facts.

Lynn Everitt, Oakwood


Right is wrong in effort to derail our president

Many conservatives and Republicans have a recent history of voting against their own best interests. I fear it’s about to happen again. We finally have a capable, engaged president who is actually doing everything possible to repair the damage left by years of Republican control, and the right is doing everything in their power to derail every hint of progress. They listen to and believe the propaganda spewed on Fox, and now seem poised to return us to the policies that led us into this financial mess.

I find it hard to believe that the voting public really believes the Republicans can return us to prosperity. They didn’t when they had the chance. Why should we believe they will now?

Eric Pearson, Atlanta


Self-serving individuals have to be accountable

We as Americans can’t seem to understand why our country and our morals continue to decline, even after all of the money and taxes we pour into programs that seem to give us a negative return. After reading about Rep. Sanford Bishop and his self-serving attitude, I can understand how we have come to this point in our country, where we are morally and monetarily bankrupt. We keep electing these self-serving individuals based on race, party or gifts that we have received from these crooked people, and never holding them accountable for their actions.

Melissa Deese, Americus