Readers Write 10/29


Tanker issue will test U.S. trade policy

The article describing French manufacturer EADS’ complaints about the Air Force’s tanker (“Sessions wants to block funding on $35B tanker,”, Oct. 1) failed to mention that their tanker was built with subsidies that the World Trade Organization just ruled illegal.

Outsourcing this contract would send thousands of U.S. jobs overseas. Boeing doesn’t receive the same no-risk government loans EADS enjoys. Moreover, EADS receives the same research dollars and regional tax breaks as Boeing.

Boeing is the world’s leader in tanker refueling aircraft, having developed fifth generation boom technology. EADS hasn’t delivered a single boom-equipped tanker.

EADS needs to be held accountable for its cheating. The Air Force’s tanker contract is a clear test of whether we’ll see a real change in U.S. trade policy.

Clayola Brown, president, A. Philip Randolph Institute


Stimulus opponents are examples of hypocrisy

Kudos for “Opponents don’t turn down cash” (News, Oct. 19). Republican Reps. Phil Gingrey, Tom Price and Jack Kingston voted against stimulus funds. Gingrey was really verbal. Now they are grabbing the money and running to their constituency, using it for their “political gain.” Hypocritical? They are now saying it is the law and they must take it?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is another example of why we need the following: One, put term limits on all of Congress. Two, we need a new generation of smart people in, rather than people who have been there years and years with their golden salary, golden health plan and golden retirement pay.

I fear that some are more interested in being re-elected than what we voting citizens need now.

Bob Huckeba, Marietta


Public option deserves support in Georgia

State Sen. Judson Hill states that he wishes to give Georgians the freedom to choose their own health care providers and insurance plans. However, when he refuses to allow a public option in medical insurance into Georgia, he is denying individual Georgians their right to be provided for medically as they choose, which is granted to them under the U.S. Constitution (“Readers write,” Oct. 13). Medicare is a public option insurance plan. Few who are on Medicare are denied coverage by the provider of their choice. Many in Georgia want a public option as part of their medical insurance choices.

If you desire a more frugal plan for your medical insurance, instead of paying larger and larger annual premiums and deductibles to build the profits of private insurance companies, support a nonprofit public option plan in Georgia. That alone will ensure that you have a genuine freedom of choice in medical insurance options.

Elizabeth Hartley Filliat, Alpharetta


Mainstream America is on to Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh’s persistent attempts to insinuate himself upon mainstream American life will never succeed. He made his bed. Let him lie in it.

Jim Miller, Hoschton