Readers Write 5/19


For some, Mitch Daniels would be hard to beat

I want to thank Ruth Marcus and the AJC for the column “Obama a better candidate if Daniels runs” (Opinion, May 16). Like Marcus, I also hope Mitch Daniels is the Republican candidate for president. I appreciate the information on Gov. Daniels’ background, experience and where he stands on certain issues. I, however, arrived at a different conclusion based on the facts than Marcus — and would have entitled her column more appropriately “Obama an ex-president if Daniels runs.”

John Winters, Lawrenceville


Sounds like the ideal tea party candidate

Kudos to the AJC for publishing the Ruth Marcus column on Mitch Daniels (“Obama a better candidate if Daniels runs,” Opinion, May 16). Until now, most folks in Georgia were unaware of his accomplishments for the residents of Indiana.

The president would be difficult to defeat. Nevertheless, in Mitch Daniels, Marcus described a person of fiscal responsibility who honors the U.S. Constitution and promotes free markets. She described the perfect tea party candidate!

Kathy Trent, Canton


Well-meaning program unleashed a flood

I have to agree with Mr. Proctor’s letter, “Guest-worker program is a win-win system” (Readers write, Opinion, May 16). However, as Ben Franklin said, “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.”

As with any well-intentioned government program, it became the hole in the dam that couldn’t be plugged with a thumb, and a flood has proceeded to course through, making the hole larger. Certainly, labor unions and politicians played a part, but even without them, the inevitable result would have been the same problem we see today. The grass is normally greener on the other side of the dashed line; we don’t have much of a fence, and it beckons irresistibly to those looking for something better. You should never open the door if you aren’t willing to enforce the rules in your own home.

F.M. Ashmore, McDonough


With America drowning in debt, he’s still winning

I am as happy as anyone that the mass murderer Osama bin Laden is dead. However, I am bothered by all of the self-congratulation of the Obama and Bush administrations, and the political pundits. In my opinion, bin Laden is still winning, and winning big.

Remember that back in 2001, the United States had a large budget surplus. There was talk of paying off the national debt. Now, our country has trillion-dollar budget deficits, and there is even talk about defaulting on our debt. Partisans from both political parties blame the other party for this sorry state of affairs, but the fact remains that the United States is immeasurably weaker 10 years after 9/11.

Our marvelous military will not save us when we become a failed economy (like Greece and Ireland). Bin Laden will continue to win until we stop our political warfare and put our financial house in order.

Robert Vobejda, Marietta