Readers Write

Olens should not pander to coal industry

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling to temporarily block implementation of Obama’s Clean Power Plan, Attorney General Sam Olens pledged to “continue to fight this executive overreach, which will put Americans out of work and drive up the cost of electricity for consumers.” Is Mr. Olens unaware that Georgia Tech researchers have concluded that complying with the Clean Power Plan would result in lower electric bills for Georgians? Has he not read the many studies showing the economic benefits of clean energy industries that are creating thousands of new jobs and providing tax revenues for communities? As our Attorney General, Sam Olens should not be pandering to the coal industry by circumventing beneficial environmental laws. Instead, he should be protecting the economy and health of Georgians by championing them.


Pope should keep out of U.S. politics

I am no fan of Donald Trump, but the Pope’s questioning of Trump’s Christianity over illegal immigration is absolutely outrageous. The Pope has no right to inject himself into American politics. More to the point, the Catholic church has been a shameless supporter of illegal immigration because most of the illegal immigrants are Catholic. When the Pope talks about building bridges instead walls, he is advocating for open American borders which would see America drown in a sea of illegals. Twelve million illegal immigrants have invaded and occupied America. If a country cannot control its borders, it is not a viable country.