Readers Write 4/22


Respect the norms of country where you live

I read with interest the piece submitted by the Muslim in Suwanee (“A woman should be free to cover her face,” Readers write, Opinion, April 19). As a female Westerner who lived in Saudi Arabia, I had to wear a black abaya year-round. My head and body were draped in black cloth.

Sometimes the temperatures were unbearably hot, but I still respected the norms of the country where I was residing. I did not complain because I chose to be there, and felt that my compliance would show my tolerance of the different cultural values. Here, it draws much more attention to a female when her head is covered — simply because it is different from the American norm.

As the Quran does not require you to cover your head, please respect my culture as I respected the Muslim culture when I lived overseas.

Modesty is best conveyed by one’s conduct. Covering your head is just one way to dress conservatively.

Cynthia J. Reitter, Cumming


Birther issue ensures president’s re-election

The loud noise we hear coming from Donald Trump’s bully pulpit is primarily about the birther issue. Trump is going to prove that Obama was born in Kenya (despite the evidence that disproves that silly notion). Between Trump and the tea party, the GOP will not have a credible candidate who can challenge Obama in 2012. I believe the birther issue is so toxic that it will ensure Obama gets re-elected in 2012.

William McKee Jr., Flowery Branch


Repair Atlanta’s streets, coordinate traffic signals

The process of allocating monies for highways, bridges, etc. is under way — and I’ve heard nothing about the terrible streets in Atlanta. A good example would be Pharr Road and West Paces Ferry Road, which is like riding on a cobblestone street.

While we are “wishing,” let’s do something about coordinating traffic lights. You drive 200 feet, and have to stop again. It’s such a waste, when gasoline is nearly $4 per gallon.

R. L. Turner, Atlanta


Let’s be truthful: Broun’s pants are on fire

Regarding “Broun gets a failing grade on FDR, Stalin” (Metro, April 19), the Truth-O-Meter was too kind in rating Rep. Paul Broun’s bald-faced lie about President Roosevelt and Stalin as “false.” His blatant attempt to revive Joe McCarthy’s political tactics surely deserved a Pants-on-Fire. Have you no shame, Rep. Broun?

Judith Evans Grubbs, Decatur


Develop backup plan in case of drug shortage

It’s scary to hear that a drug many people depend on is in very short supply. Cytarabine, the leukemia medication, is among a list of chemotherapy drugs that are either in short supply or on back order. Cytarabine is used for treating cancer in children.

The FDA needs a backup plan in case U.S. manufacturers change production. Doctors should not be in a position to be unable to provide this treatment. Emery Pinter, Tucker