Readers Write 01/27

There’s no such thing as an accidental shooting

The community should be outraged over an innocent boy, age 13, being killed in an “accidental shooting” while inside his Gwinnett County home (“Youth, 13, fatally shot going to bed,” News, Jan. 20). This boy was an honor student, and a football player.

Aggressive action must be taken by law enforcement and the community to prevent more senseless tragedies like this from occurring. There is no such thing as an “accidental shooting” — there are negligent or reckless shootings.

If these shootings are occurring right outside our homes, more than likely, these guns are illegal. What responsible gun owner is firing rounds in a neighborhood?

Brian DiNapoli, Decatur


Let the Massachusetts election be a warning

The reason I’m not a Democrat is that Democrats have an unfailing ability to shoot themselves in the foot. You know why we were excited about “Yes We Can!”? Because, for once, we believed you might actually do the progressive things we’ve been wanting for decades.

Let the recent Massachusetts election be a warning to you, Democrats. When you fail to come through on progressive promises, we will fail to come through at the ballot box. We can’t be excited about Democrats who waste months selling out to corporate interests, caving to conservative demands with absolutely no compromise in return, and threatening to filibuster their own party. Beth Carr, Atlanta


How can Mansour not mention Jewish settlers?

It boggles the mind that Consul General Reda Mansour can write an entire column on Israeli/Palestinian relations, and fail to mention the settlements built by Jewish settlers on Palestinian land in the West Bank (“Peace process requires balance,” Opinion, Jan. 20).

Does this fact not exist in Mansour’s world? Does peace only require what the Israelis desire?

Sara Reams, Fayetteville


Obama not interested in easing human suffering

I find it incredible that President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Al Gore and others cavort around, jetting to Copenhagen to negotiate how much treasury the U.S. taxpayer will fork out to underdeveloped nations for so-called climate change, when Haitians continue to live in obvious, palpable starvation and poverty.

The reality is that Obama is more interested in a power grab based upon a manufactured science than he is in truly easing human suffering.

Apparently, saving the starving in Haiti was not sexy enough until the earthquake occurred.

Ken Sissel, Lilburn


Campaign promise fulfilled in only one day

Scott Brown campaigned on the promise of killing Obamacare. Little did he know he would do it in one day.

Bob Arnold, Fayetteville

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