Readers Write 9/1

Amtrak Station

Midtown center would be perfect new location

After reading the AJC story on possible new sites for Amtrak’s station, I vote “thumbs up” for the potential site at Atlantic Station (“Amtrak seeks new digs,” Metro, Aug. 29).

This is likely the spot that’s now a vacant lot. It’s very large, with ample space for an improved new station and parking; has several traffic access points; and sits directly on the tracks.

Waiting passengers would get a skyline view, and Atlantic Station’s name would have a whole new meaning.

Tom Mattingly, Atlanta

Michael Vick

Big bucks contract more proof of bizarro world

If you read the headlines, one might wonder what has happened to my world.

It has been reported that Michael Vick has inked a $100 million-deal to play football (“Vick a $100 million man”, Sports, Aug. 30).

I find it interesting, sad, and unbelievable that a man who has the public history that Mr. Vick has would be offered $1.50 — much less millions for any reason, anywhere, anyhow. It is truly a bizarro world.

Robert Coleman, Alpharetta


Donations to private firm good for libraries

We don’t need a letter to remind us that Better World Books is a for-profit organization (“Can’t help but question company’s methods,” Readers write, Opinion, Aug. 29). The collection bins include the information.

Libraries do get some of the money. And, at a time when some are pressuring local governments to slash funding for literacy, I am happy to donate my surplus books to help my local library.

Neil Murray, Lilburn


Right to cast ballot is a privilege, not a right

U.S. Rep. John Lewis (“Committee approves minor tweaks to map,” Metro, Aug. 25) is right — although not in the way he intended.

Voting should be more fair, but we should also instill a sense of honor in the act of voting. Making it easy devalues the lifeblood of our republic and cheapens this privilege.

If changes are made, we should raise the bar for entering the voting booth. People who have no stake in the economy of government, or who only seek to remove funds from our treasury should be denied this right. John J. Pilger, Atlanta

President Obama

Liberal hypocrisy in treatment of Bush

The left trashed President Bush for eight years, and the media got every last detail of his life. When people ask the same questions about President Obama, we are told we already know everything we need to know, and are racists for asking.

I really couldn’t care less what the president got on the SAT; his actions have spoken to his competence far louder than test scores. The hypocrisy is always worth pointing out when it comes to the left’s double standard treatment of their guy versus the last guy.

Ben Skott, Roswell