Expert, not political crony, needed

President Barack Obama’s appointment of Ron Klain, a political “crony” versus someone with a public health background confirms again his inability to make an appropriate decision in a time of crisis.

A qualified person with experience in public health would be able to assess the situation and implement an appropriate strategy in a much more efficient manner than someone who does not even have a medical background.


Gun laws fail once more

Let’s see: two confirmed dead as of this writing and, several injured in last Friday’s shooting at a Washington State high school. How many local, state, and federal gun laws were broken? You Liberals/Progressives/Democrats are predictably predictable. I know, I know, the 30,000 gun laws in effect aren’t enough. No law will ever “prevent gun violence.” What this Nation needs is to outlaw the private ownership of firearms. Only then will human nature be held in check. What planet do you Liberals/Progressives/Democrats come from?


DeKalb still needs closure

As a long-time resident of DeKalb County, it was certainly disheartening to read of the mistrial in the corruption charges against suspended county CEO Burrell Ellis. While I was not a juror nor in the courtroom each day of the proceedings, I did follow the very detailed and intense coverage provided by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Having read the case presented against Mr. Ellis, it is unbelievable that a guilty verdict was not reached. One can only speculate as to how the jurors could not have reached such an obvious conclusion. Also the notated numbers relevant to the trial mentioned in your article failed to include one very important one – the cost to the county. In a government already facing financial shortfalls primarily due to poor management and suspected and admitted corruption, this is yet another expense to bear. However, despite the added cost of a retrial, it is imperative that District Attorney Robert James pursue this course. It must be demonstrated that government cannot be run as one man’s private domain for power. Hopefully this time a more objective jury will be empaneled so that justice may prevail.


Has our phoenix become a turkey

One can’t help but wonder if the phoenix arising from Atlanta’s ashes hasn’t turned into a turkey. Shakespeare has departed. And the Atlanta symphony sits on the doorsteps

Will the libraries close next? Will our great universities admit only those who can throw a ball and run like a rabbit? Ah, at least our artists are working They are painting the city’s dumpsters!


Obamacare sticker shock

I know that most people think the negative effects of Obamacare have gone away. Not true! I just got notification from my insurance company that my annual premium is going up 65 percent in 2015, which represents an increase of $3,036. This is because the President decided not to extend grandfathered-in policies as he did for 2014. Is anyone else in the same boat? Anybody that backs this act will never get my vote.


Speeders need braking lessons

Drivers on I-285 move at outrageously fast speeds. Their indifference and self-serving attitudes are a major cause of crashes that include fatalities. Why these knuckleheads feel they can totally ignore laws that are in place for safety, I’ll never understand. I absolutely would be thrilled to see even more enforcement, hopefully around all of I-285. Some of the most reckless drivers in the state travel the metro Atlanta highways and I applaud the police for cracking down. There’s an easy fix to avoid a ticket — slow down, use your car’s signal lights, stop tailgating and stop for any school bus. Having a legitimate driver’s license is a definite plus!