Readers Write

Trump two-faced on veteran issues

Anyone who has been involved in business negotiations and contract deals has to appreciate Donald Trump’s tactics. His first rule is to capture most, if not all the “oxygen” in the room. He achieves that by taking over the agenda and driving it in his direction by dominating the air time, particularly in the debates. The second rule is that all negotiations are a “zero sum game” there is no “win win” in serious business negotiations. To counter Trump’s undoubted advantage in making a deal type experience, the other Republican primary candidates should pick on Trump’s hidden, but vulnerable areas. For example, one such weakness, is his perceived love affair with our military vets. In reality and where he is vulnerable, Trump has a history of draft dodging, back in the Vietnam war era. By some means or other, he managed to come up with five draft exceptions, some admittedly involving student exceptions, but also for medical reasons. Obviously, he was not the only rich kid at that time, dodging the draft, but it does seem a little two-faced to pitch himself as the champion of today’s military personnel and particularly the vets, when he himself did everything to avoid serving.


Media hold blind allegiance to Democrats

It’s no secret why the national news media is distrusted and held in such low regard by a majority of the American people. For decades, the news media has had a blind allegiance to the failed liberal policies of the Democrat party for his often stated goal to “fundamentally change America.”

After over seven years of the Obama presidency, our nation’s debt has doubled to 95 million and has increased food stamp recipients to a staggering 50 million — the highest in our history. Most would consider those numbers a colossal failure; Obama and the news media call it “the new normal.”