Readers Write 6/7

Finally, Thomas Sowell wrote a column that I can heartily endorse regarding disrespect for so-called “menial” work (“A job is meaningful, even if elites claim it’s ‘menial,’” Opinion, June 5). Most of Sowell’s columns are reactionary propaganda — but everyone should read this one.

The only flaw is that Sowell lays all the blame on “intellectuals” for causing so many people (especially the young) to be lazing around, unemployed and (often) on public support. I would place most of the blame squarely on their parents.

Most of this country’s serious problems can be convincingly traced back to poor parenting.

Wise parenting is very difficult, but essential for the success of future generations. Unfortunately, criticizing parents does not win influence or votes.

Bill Fokes, Braselton

Valiant businessman can’t beat city hall

Regarding “Bidder loses appeal over 2002 airport contract” (Business, June 5), kudos to businessman Billy Corey, who taught us a very expensive lesson: That, indeed, you cannot fight city hall.

His valiant, 10-year battle for fairness and justice in awarding airport contracts ennobled all our residents.

Sadly, vast corruption continues unabated.

Arnold Simon, Atlanta

Bush was the one who caused great harm

When I read the letter about President Barack Obama causing great harm to our country (“Obama’s presidency has done great harm,” Readers write, Opinion, May 31), I had to wonder if the letter writer had the same thoughts when the previous president caused the wheels to come off the bus known as the USA.

Did he protest the two unpaid-for wars, the trampling of the Fourth Amendment or the use of torture?

Probably not.

Phil Davis, Powder Springs

Obama to blame for the mess we’re in

The writer of “Business experience didn’t help Bush” (Readers write, Opinion, June 4) says Mitt Romney infers that President Barack Obama is not doing a good job because he has no business experience.

He adds that Bush had business experience, yet blames him for the “everlasting problems he brought to this country.”

How long is Bush to be blamed? Obama’s actions, the massive “stimulus,” ballooning national debt, regulatory uncertainty due to Obamacare, and the Dodd-Frank reforms are the main reasons for persistent high unemployment and our feeble (if any) recovery from the recession.

Our president has little experience in anything that prepares him to be our leader — much less the leader of the free world.

Adrienne J. Forsyth, Sandy Springs

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