Readers write


GOP needs to produce

constructive solutions

The Grand Old Party’s days are numbered — unless it can come up with a positive message and concrete solutions to all the problems faced by this country.

The assumption that most Americans are conservative is only partially true. Most Americans want things to work, are in favor of progressive ideas and solutions, and want the government to play a useful and helpful role in their lives. If the GOP opposes the Affordable Care Act, what is the alternative?

If they want the federal government to be much smaller, what does government by the people and for the people look like? What is its legitimate function? If they don’t like entitlements, how do we take care of the many less fortunate among us?

What is it the party supports, rather than opposes? Beyond making everything a cause for investigation, opposition and criticism, what are the constructive ideas, proposals and solutions for keeping our country great, and making America a place where people feel their governments care about them?



ACA can’t compare

with private industry

There seems to be a lot of comparisons made by the Affordable Care Act apologists. They’ve compared the act’s technical problems to those experienced by Microsoft, Apple, Google and the like. There is no valid comparison.

Private-sector software companies do end-user tests and offer various compensations, relatively quick updates, and the option of saying ”no.” It is incredibly short-sighted to force a software program on millions of Americans that has never been tested with end-users, and then fining them (I don’t consider it a tax) if they choose not to buy. Then, there’s the issue of higher costs for limited options.

Can’t these incompetent people do anything right? We’ve experienced the impact of the stimulus, Operation Fast and Furious, Solyndra and Benghazi, and the beat goes on for “Mr. Look Good and Speak Well.”



Bus routes change, but

heavy rail is forever

Regarding “Pushing back on transit critics” (Opinion, Oct. 22), I agree with the bus option for solving some transit and traffic issues in the Atlanta area — but heavy rail is a loser, and that is what MARTA seems to want to push, along with the city and related unions.

Bus routes can be changed as demographics change, but heavy rail is there forever. Spending millions on a trolley to run from Centennial Olympic Park to the King Center is a total waste of money; and the system was put in place for political reasons, not transit-related reasons.



We’ll all do OK with

responsible water use

Regarding “A matter of survival: It’s us or the oysters” (Readers write, Opinion, Oct. 24) , once again, we see an “us or them” mentality used to justify wasting water and destroying the environment.

Having enough water to “survive” is not the same as wasting it to feed reckless, car-dependent, pollution-making and over-paved surfaces in Atlanta to line the pockets of developers. Also, oysters are not the “luxury” the letter writer claims they are. Not only are they one of the healthier foods if cooked properly, they also work to clean pollutants out of waterways.

We must simply develop Atlanta in a reasonable, modest and environmentally responsible way, and we will all do OK.