Tax plan would hammer seniors

I wonder if it has occurred to the powers that be that lowering the state income tax rate while raising the sales tax and taxing items not currently taxed, like food, will have serious implication to senior citizens like me, most of whom pay no state income tax. Our net tax bill will go up by no small amount, affecting many who barely get by now. Let’s pay for transportation by taxing those who use it with things like mileage-based taxes. Leaders, get a backbone!


Wilkins’ honor well-deserved

In the ’90s, when we’d visited Michael Gearon Jr.’s offices, we’d occasionally see his father Michael Gearon Sr. (GM of the Hawks when Dominique played). Once, the subject of Dominique came up. After listing to our short discussion, Mr. Gearon Sr. spoke up. To paraphrase: “Dominique, you could count on to play 150 percent every game on both sides of the court. A perfect attitude and respect for his players and the organization; who never trash-talked on or off the court; who never created contract disputes or threatened holdouts. He felt no bitterness towards anyone after leaving the Hawks. On or off the court, he was always the respectful quiet gentlemen.” When I think of “Gentlemen Jacques” Wilkins, I think of Bill Russell’s respect for the game, the fans, and the league. Dominique was a joy to watch play — and of course, he was a human highlight reel.


Reporter Dan Malloy’s excellent Mar. 1 article “Views on climate prompt inquiry” describes U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva’s letter to seven university presidents demanding financial and communication information from professors questioning the importance of burning fossil fuels on climate change. Georgia Tech’s Professor Judith Curry was cited and responded, “Intimidation and harassment is certainly one reason… .” University of Colo. Professor Rodger Pielke announced he’s quitting research on climate change. More harassment came from three senators who sent letters to 100 energy organizations making similar demands. Great damage from assaulting reputations of those disagreeing that fossil fuels cause climate change has impacts on other scientists. They may decide it is not worth disagreeing with any established government science. Many mistakes will follow. Another impact on our nation’s young people are decisions not to pursue careers in science because of too much nerve-wracking controversy. Unfortunately the damage is done .


Pitts should rethink Obama’s values

I was able to get through about a third of Leonard Pitts column (“What underlies doubts of Obama’s patriotism?” Opinion, Mar. 1) and knew I would not be able to read anymore. A few weeks ago, he got on Fox News about lying and now it’s Rudy Giuliani. Somehow to this left-wing liberal, everything else in the world is wrong but President Barack Obama. I would ask Pitts to do a simple test. On a piece of paper, place a T-square. On the left side, write the things you love most, could be spouse, country, job, anything you truly love. Then move to the right side, and write how many times you have lied to that “something” you love. Pretty enlightening, isn’t it. Obama lies continually to this country and its people. Pitts can’t deny that; it’s been proven over and over. Obama lies as a way of life, not to the betterment of this country. Obama has not been a good president, and it is time for people like Pitts and Mike Luckovich to finally understand that.