Readers Write 02/02

We must make all products we now import

I keep hearing that the jobs that are gone away are gone away forever. This may be true for the manufacture of buggy whips, but what about the other products that Americans consume in abundance? Have we just thrown in the towel?

If Kia can come to our state and manufacture automobiles, surely some of our young entrepreneurs can do what was done in the industrial revolution and restart the manufacture of products that we consume every day. Perhaps what I envision won’t provide the kind of paychecks allowing workers to purchase McMansions, but neither will unemployment checks, or no checks at all.

We must begin to manufacture all of the products that are now imported. The reasons why this won’t work have been heard. It’s time to develop reasons why it can work. It’s time for a paradigm shift that favors the American economy.

Clarence G. Killian, Atlanta


Publicity-hound president should work

I cannot recall any former president who spent so much time “campaigning” after being elected as Barack Obama. He has made more than 100 speeches in a lame attempt to convince the people of this country he is doing good things. Never mind that the content or purpose of his many appearances lack substantive content or value. The man is a publicity hound.

Obama is behaving in a very nonpresidential manner — and is a serious embarrassment to the U.S. The extremists are celebrating nonstop as they watch their evening newscasts. The economy is still suffering. It’s all a word game with no real substance. Oh, and by the way. Who is in charge while he jets off to his next photo op: Joe Biden? Ted Paquette, Jasper


Medical job growth here shows what’s wrong

I agree that Atlanta should be proud of its health care industry (“Medical industry is area’s next engine,” Business, Jan. 24). However, this article shows how perspective can change how identical things are viewed differently by different people.

While Thomas Oliver discusses with great optimism that local health care has grown and added jobs, I view these numbers as evidence of all that is wrong with health care. The cost of health care grows at a pace that is simply not sustainable relative to our nation’s ability to pay.

My family is relatively healthy, yet we have seen our medical insurance premiums increase more than 20 percent per year for the last 10 years. So, yes. The health care industry is currently growing quite nicely in Atlanta — but at what cost? And for how long?

Paul Broni, Alpharetta


Ruling smashes our ethical standards

Just when I thought the dangers in this country could not be greater, our Supreme Court turned its back on the American people. Anyone who has studied history knows that the recent campaign finance decision will irrevocably change this country — and it will never be the same again. Where have our ethical standards gone, and will they ever be regained?

Samara Cummins, Decatur

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