Readers Write 11/10


Lukewarm won’t do here in ‘Hotlanta’

Let’s put the “Hot” back into “Hotlanta.” Want to get young people to the polls? Find a mayoral candidate who will adopt that slogan. Since Mayor Shirley Franklin took office, bar hours have been abbreviated, and the city’s largest festivals have been kicked out of Piedmont Park.

Why are convention bookings off this year? The conventions weren’t canceled; they went somewhere else, because conventions book cities that are fun destinations, with cultural activities and world-class nightlife.

Our residential streets and sidewalks appear to have been damaged by roadside bombs. Convention scouts must have noticed. Though crime is purportedly down, it doesn’t look that way. The loss of city revenue from declining bar receipts and from lost convention bookings must be staggering. Bring back the nightlife, and put the “Hot” back into “Hotlanta,” so revenue and visitors will return, like the waters of Lake Lanier. Or, we can continue sending those dollars downstream.

Phillip Watson, Atlanta


Keep ‘stupid humans’ away from animals

Bravo, Jim Osterman, for being sick and tired of irresponsible pet owners, and for choosing shelter dogs as pets (“Stupid humans shouldn’t own pets,” Opinion, Oct. 31). As a long-time animal rescuer in the Atlanta area, I totally agree with his analysis of “stupid humans,” and am well aware of the problem irresponsible pet owners cause the community. Our shelters are overflowing with unwanted animals who are euthanized in staggering numbers every day. I have been rescuing feral cats for 15 years, and spending my own money to have them fixed. I receive calls or e-mails almost every day for help with missing or abandoned pets. It’s time for “stupid humans” to realize that companion animals are not throw-away toys. And no, these animals can’t survive if you throw them out on the street to fend for themselves. What they can do is reproduce like crazy, before a coyote, car, disease or cruel human kills them.

Elisabeth Gambill-Niksich, Roswell


Don’t text, keep clothes on when behind wheel

I want to applaud our astute congressmen for introducing a bill to outlaw texting by truck drivers while driving. I would never have guessed that texting while driving could be dangerous. Following their lead, I’ve been considering other driver activities that should be prohibited — like dancing nude behind the wheel. That has got to be at least as dangerous as texting. I’m contacting my congressman today.

Harris Green, Big Canoe


Georgians could soon lose their islands

Babs McDonald’s op-ed (“Jekyll giveaway robs our state jewel,” Opinion, October 23) is yet another statement about the controversial dealings of the JIA with the politically-ingrown Linger Longer. How many more such statements, articles and citizen protests will be required before the citizens of Georgia realize that it is they who are the losers in the proposed deal? Before our taxes rise and we lose one of the most natural barrier islands left, we need to call our governor and ask that more time be given, and more citizen input sought.

Hoyt LeCroy, Jasper