Readers Write 2/22


Federal sales tax isn’t the answer we seek

Income taxes have become too complicated and should be simplified, but not replaced with a federal sales tax. Sales taxes for middle- and lower-income people can exceed 50 percent of their income when all taxes are taken into account.

Under the conditions of a sales tax, government politics will eventually put many of the poor on government welfare. We want less government intrusion into all our lives; fair, competitive capitalism for all companies and fair, competitive competition for all jobs. In this way, more people will be working and paying taxes.

A graduated income tax with no deductions for special interest groups at the expense of someone else, and smaller government are best. This could put many tax-preparing companies out of work — but would be better for the country as a whole.

Arne Jorgensen, Canton


Michelle Obama should target adult obesity

While the first lady’s campaign against childhood obesity is to be applauded, her emphasis is misplaced. Children watch and emulate their parents. Over 34 percent of American adults are obese. Adults should set the example for children. The first lady should be leading a powerful campaign to stamp out adult obesity as the first step in eliminating this problem for all Americans.

Edward A. Watkins, Lilburn


Forget dictators; enemy is our oil dependency

So long as we continue to be totally dependent on oil, we shall continue to pay the price, no matter if it’s $5 or $6 per gallon. We have refused to make a real attempt at alternative fuels, or really fuel-efficient cars. And, so long as we have this dependency on oil, we shall continue to support those in power in these oil countries, no matter their political orientation — be they despots, or democratic leaders.

David Clarke, Buford


High-speed rail is the way to go

I am astounded that Gov. Rick Scott of Florida has canceled plans for high-speed rail between Orlando and Tampa. This is a devastating setback and lack of vision for Florida.

Here are just some of the benefits of high-speed rail:

● One can travel long distances and arrive safely at higher speeds.

● Many dangerous drivers and ill-functioning cars would be taken off the roads.

● High-speed rail riders could tweet and text to their hearts’ content without distraction.

● Now that gas is hovering near $3 per gallon, gas-guzzling SUVs would be taken off the roads, saving families hundreds of dollars annually.

● And, on a high-speed rail train, one could socialize in a civil manner (instead of being angry with other drivers).

I fervently hope that Georgia lawmakers will embrace the redistribution of part of those funds rejected by Gov. Scott and begin planning an Atlanta-to-Charlotte connection, and connections to Chattanooga, Athens, Macon and beyond.

For once, let us be a progressive example to the rest of the nation in adopting high-speed rail.

Salpi Adrouny, Johns Creek