Readers Write 8/12


Georgia Power crews cross state lines to help

I am writing to express our deep appreciation to the dedicated men and women of Georgia Power. A storm recently tore through northern Illinois, bringing lightning strikes, and winds up to 80 mph. This storm hit our service territory with devastating force, and created a path of destruction that rivals many hurricanes.

Restoring power to almost a quarter of our customer base strained resources and capacity. We reached out for help, and Georgia Power stepped up and provided that help. Georgia Power crews were skilled, professional and concerned for our customers. They worked long hours under tough conditions to help us restore power to customers as quickly and safely as possible. For their untiring assistance, we are exceedingly grateful.

We thought it important that AJC readers know that their hometown utility provided support to Commonwealth Edison Co. and its customers through a very difficult time.

Anne Pramaggiore, president and chief operating officer, Commonwealth Edison Co.


Build more jails if you want a peaceful society

Flash mobs: This is what law-abiding citizens have to contend with (“For flash mobsters, crowd size a tempting cover,”, Aug. 9). My opinion all along has been that we need more jails for those who are not able to live in a law-abiding society. The current unrest in London also illustrates this point. Those thugs need to be jailed — or put some place where citizens can live in peace.

Jack Franklin, Conyers


Define poverty levels, then take a look around

Regarding “America needs reality check on real poverty” (Opinion, Aug. 9), I know several people who can’t have their air conditioning fixed; who can’t afford Internet or cable TV; who have to pay higher interest on their credit cards because of low credit scores; who drive vehicles that are over 10 years old; who have lots of medical bills — but make too much to qualify for assistance. Yes, poverty levels do need to be clearly defined and verified.

Kim Bishop, Cartersville


General welfare is to be promoted, not provided

Accusations are flying concerning our economic situation. Who are the real culprits? The blame doesn’t lie with the Democrats or the Republicans. It isn’t Congress’ fault, and it doesn’t lie with the president. It isn’t the tea party’s fault. The blame rests on the people. We have bought into the “entitlement” lie foisted on us by the progressive movement since before the New Deal era. We keep asking for more free stuff from our government. The people we elect to represent us are doing our bidding.

We aren’t entitled to anything. The Founding Fathers designed a form of government which would create an economic environment to provide opportunities to those who would apply themselves, and reach their full potential. The government was intended to promote the general welfare, not provide it. Until we wean ourselves from government largesse on our own behalf, we’ll continue our decline into Third World status.

F.M. Ashmore, McDonough