Readers write

Congressman misleads on Affordable Care Act

In PolitiFact (“Ga. Congressman correct on Obamacare subsidies,” Metro, June 16), the quote from Georgia Congressman Austin Scott about the percent of those not receiving subsidies for the Affordable Care Act was stated as 97 percent.

This number is misleading and implies most people would not be affected if the Supreme Court ruled for the plaintiffs and canceled the subsidies for those who enrolled in federal exchanges. This percent is based on the entire U.S. population. It might as well be based on the world’s population for effect.

The total number of people that would lose subsidies was estimated to be 6.4 million. If a percent is calculated, it should be based on the number of people who received subsidies before the ruling, which is given in the article as about 9 million. The percent of people that would lose subsidies would then be 71 percent. It’s another example of a politician misleading the public.


Hypocrisy in Southern Baptist stand

The Rev. Bryant Wright’s level of hypocrisy (“Spiritual warfare’ on gay marriage declared,” Front page, June 17) is truly astounding when he claims, “But we must stay true to God’s word.” The Southern Baptist Convention is tying itself in knots to avoid the appearance of discrimination while doing an excellent job of condemning an entire group of God’s disapproval.

Based on Scripture, they refuse to recognize the sanctity of the commitment of gay or lesbian couples and claim they will never perform a same-sex wedding in their church. While Jesus never mentioned homosexuality, he was very vocal about divorce and remarriage, claiming it to be adultery. However, Rev. Wright and the other Southern Baptist churches will gladly supply the sanctuary, minister, organist and other necessary items to join you in the unholy bonds of adultery.

To refuse to acknowledge the church didn’t change its position on divorce and remarriage because of changes in culture is to be dishonest. History shows that the church was instrumental in the support of slavery, segregation, and now gay and lesbian discrimination until cultural shifts demand taking a higher road.

And when a minister abuses the sanctity of the pulpit by spewing condemnation of an entire group of people when it is supposed to be for spreading the Gospel, I find that sinful. That hateful poison has caused so much family alienation, drug and alcohol abuse, and even suicide that there’s no amount of Scripture that could justify it.


Thank you, Pope Francis

In the most recent papal encyclical, chemist Pope Francis just laid out the theological and scientific basis for a Christian duty to care for and be good stewards of our planet. In doing so, he called out Christian politicians who refuse to even acknowledge that obligation or the inter-connected obligation that the richest countries owe to the poorest countries which lie in the parts of the world most affected by a warming climate.

It is time for us as voters and citizens to follow the example of Pope Francis and hold accountable those politicians who are robbing the future of the world’s children (rich and poor) and selling it to the fossil fuel industry benefactors who support their personal political aspirations.