Habersham County Sheriff’s office should have done more surveillance

All citizens should be outraged by the Habersham County Sheriff’s office. (“Toddler severely hurt in police raid,” News, May 30). Police officers stormed a house and threw a “distraction device” into a 19-month-old boy’s playpen. The child now has a 50 percent chance of survival and extensive facial injuries for life and possible brain damage, assuming he survives. Apparently Sheriff Joey Terrell relied on a confidential informant to get a “no knock” warrant for a house where the informant allegedly bought drugs. Apparently no surveillance was done prior to busting down the door and inflicting carnage on an innocent baby boy. The person the sheriff wanted to arrest was not even home and those who were there were visitors from Wisconsin. They had no connection to the alleged drug activity. If the sheriff’s office would have simply done some cursory surveillance it would have discovered the van parked in front of the house had infant car seats and other indications of the baby being there. If they would have staked out the house to determine if and when the person they were looking for was there, they most likely would have discovered the baby and family.


Enhance our international presence economically

There has been an avalanche of comment on President Obama’s speech at West Point. Much of it labels the speech as fluff with little substance. But there is a kernel of wisdom in what Obama says. Of course, there are alternatives between all-out war and all-out isolationism. Obama has previously signaled a preferred alternative in situations where the military instrument is needed when he proposed in his budget an increase in the numbers of special forces personnel. But there are other rational and potentially more effective alternatives. One which has the most promise would replicate the Chinese model of enhancing our international posture through the intelligent use of the economic instrument. This should be everyone’s preferred alternative. It cannot be accomplished unless we get our own economic house in order.


Proposed launch site needs a special program to protect felines

I was intrigued by (“Proposed launch site clears a hurdle,” Business, May 30). Wildlife officials are concerned about the effects of rocket launches on two native cats living in the area, despite efforts to avoid that by posting warning signs along the road leading to the launch site. Recent studies have shown that far too many felines are still illiterate in spite of efforts to bring their reading up to grade-level. Perhaps Texas should consider a program like No Felines Left Behind to correct this situation.


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