Readers Write 1/14


State should welcome solar expansion

Georgia is at a crossroads: cling to the dirty fuels of the past, or be part of the solar energy revolution.

Already housing four major manufacturers and more than 70 solar installers, dealers and project developers, the state is primed to benefit from solar’s expansion in coming years and federal climate change legislation, designed to even the playing field between clean, renewable energy sources and fossil fuels.

The Southeast is a prime location, and Georgia in particular, for installing and manufacturing solar.

Rooftop photovoltaic and solar water heating systems are not affected by the region’s humidity, and Georgia’s business-friendly government will allow local entrepreneurs to prosper.

Georgia can be a hub of this emerging industry, if it embraces solar, and the right policies.

Bryan Ashley, chief marketing officer, Suniva Inc.


Keep track of earmarks via watchdog Web sites

In response to the AJC reader who is looking for sources that collect shared information on “earmarks” (“Readers write.” Opinion, Jan. 6.), there are several nonpartisan citizen watchdog organizations that track and itemize nonessential elements of a piece of legislation. Some watchdog organizations list the names of members of Congress and how much “pork” that they put in legislation annually.

Two useful Web sites are and

Vernon Robinson, Atlanta


Country suffers from a lack of leadership

The health care issue remains a source of embarrassment for America. Our Congress is paralyzed, trying to satisfy the lobbyists for the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. The Republican Party has adopted a policy of “just say no” to every idea proposed by the Democratic Party. The Democrats, with a razor-thin majority, are forced to cater to the whims of every senator and representative. The result will either be no universal health care, or a bill that will bankrupt the country.

I wish we had a 21st century equivalent of Lyndon Johnson or Everett Dirksen — respected politicians who were able to move intelligent legislation through the Congress. America needs affordable, universal health care.

I also hope voters will remember the failures of this Congress, come November of this year. Howard A. Stacy, Atlanta


Set aside surplus for the lean times

Concerning the water wars and general cycle of drought followed by surplus, it’s time we set aside water regularly.

There will be lean years. It’s time to quit treating this as an inconvenience, and set aside water during the good years, as in the story of Joseph and the seven good years, and seven famine years in Egypt. If the recent climate report is correct, a much bigger plan may be needed for a drying Georgia. Water is an essential resource, much like salt: You don’t think about it until there isn’t enough, and then it’s absolutely necessary.

M. Matthias, Decatur