Readers Write 8/27


The focus on Obama’s religion is misguided

Many Americans are still without jobs. Our schools are failing our kids. Families continue to lose their homes. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico still plagues that region. The war in Afghanistan goes on.

The major news story on cable news channels is focused on whether President Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim. Something is definitely wrong. Those who founded this country based on pursuit of religious freedoms must be turning over in their graves.

Dee Turner, Atlanta


Criticism of Boortz reveals liberal leanings

The letter writer who ridiculed Neal Boortz and said that his column should be in the Living section is just expressing his outrage with what Boortz writes about (“Boortz columns have no substance, fresh ideas,” “Readers write,” Opinion, Aug. 25). As an avid reader (apparently the letter writer is, too) of Boortz’s column, I’m enlightened and entertained by his views. I find his opinions contain plenty of beefy, relevant information on America’s contemporary political topics. To name a few: the merits of the Fair Tax, the probable tax repercussions of ObamaCare and the irony of how the administration wastes stimulus tax dollars as public relations for its campaign to create jobs.

By calling Boortz’s remarks reactionary and knee-jerk, the letter displays the smear tactics typical of many liberals: When you can’t intelligently debate the issues with those who proffer opinions different from yours, resort to calling them names and besmirching their character. Ultimately, it doesn’t work. Folks with common sense can see right through this ploy.

David Gould, Johns Creek


I agree with Tucker (!) about Beverly Hall

Cynthia Tucker sometimes hits the nail on the head (“Beverly Hall should go gracefully,” Opinion, Aug. 25). Out of fairness, I agree with her advice to Beverly Hall to exit gracefully now. Will wonders never cease?

Dick Rodgers, Atlanta


DeKalb project’s timing could hurt businesses

DeKalb County has started its long-awaited construction project implementing the Alliance to Improve Emory Village plan to re-energize the small commercial center. We all knew that the construction phase and resulting “road diet” would be disruptive to residents and businesses alike, but the timing of the start of construction could not be worse.

Why did the county wait until now to back up traffic and block access to the businesses in the village? Summer vacations have just ended; Emory University and local schools restarted classes, and local residents, students and employees have just returned to work, bringing cash back to Emory Village. Yet on a recent morning, businesses that are usually busy were empty. Why didn’t DeKalb initiate this project back in May when schools emptied, and businesses and traffic were slow anyway? It would be unfortunate and ironic if this “revitalization” project actually killed some of the local businesses it is intended to nurture.

Muffie Michaelson, Atlanta