Readers Write 2/21


House bill will deny state of bright young minds

HB 59 (barring illegal immigrants from Georgia’s public colleges) is reflective of flawed reasoning, both ethically and economically. Forcing children, many of whom have known only America as their home, to suffer the “sins” of their parents is morally wrong, and stands to deprive Georgia of bright young minds with demonstrated motivation to succeed as productive members of society. And, it will likely cost taxpayers more at the end of the day. This should not be one of the ways to address the complex issue of illegal immigration. Carol Jordan, Norcross


Alcohol issue no threat to traditional values

As someone who moved to Georgia to attend graduate school, I often experienced the disappointment of being told by a grocery clerk that I was not allowed to enjoy wine for a Sunday evening. This was especially difficult to understand in light of the excessive drinking that I witnessed at tailgates in church parking lots at UGA’s home football games.

In a state where the Christian Coalition still has considerable (albeit diminishing) influence over social mores, couldn’t they just give on the Sunday alcohol issue? Does buying beer on Sunday really threaten traditional family values?

I am optimistic that the Georgia Legislature will strike down this law, the fate of which rests on our Republican leaders having the gumption to recognize the need to change something that serves no purpose, and costs the state money. Given Republicans’ consistent vehemence in fighting government infringement on our liberties, I would expect nothing less from the same people when it comes to the right to buy, sell and bear beer any day of the week.

Nate Hunt, Atlanta


Let the voters have say on sales by the drink

With the controversy surrounding Sunday alcohol package sales, maybe it is time to rethink the Sunday sale of alcohol by the drink. Let the voters have a choice as to alcohol package sales on Sunday, or no alcohol sold on Sunday (by the drink or otherwise). I do not believe it is a show of Christianity to complain of Sunday package sales, and then attend sporting events or restaurants that serve alcohol (whether you drink or not). R.D. Long, Covington


Egypt’s people struck a blow against tyranny

Cheers to the Egyptian people! The momentous events shaking that ancient land have made vivid that mankind’s God-given right to freedom cannot and will not forever be vanquished. For Egyptians, this is long overdue. The herald cries of a united populace unfailingly strike fear into the minds of those whose iron rule would seem unbreakable.

The danger now facing these happy heroes is exchanging one tyranny for another, making their victory fruitless. But there’s no denying that, at their crucial moment in history, they were magnificent.

A resounding chord was struck in the Middle East. Notice was given to all repressive regimes that they, too, are in jeopardy. In Egypt, the people spoke! George S. Rouse, Atlanta