Climate change

Hopefully it’s not too late to reverse damage

I am responding to your article “Results unclear on carbon price tag,” (News, May 31). No matter how we choose to solve the problem, the price is low compared to the cost of now.

In watching the program “Cosmos” on TV recently, it became clear that we missed the opportunity to make changes in time to our contributing CO2 to our atmosphere. If the past behavior of private-sector companies is any indication, I believe that governments must lead quickly in solving this critical issue.

The state of California is putting its money where its mouth is. Every little bit helps, but is it too little too late to save this planet for human habitation?

As stewards of our home, we have the technology to reverse our action. Renewable energy can be profitable and create new jobs. Why are we not investing in a safer future for our grandchildren?


Administration’s policies are unparalleled disaster

President Obama’s policies are causing an upheaval in this country beyond anything most Americans could ever imagine.

He’s alienated every friend of this country, except for those countries still interested in seeing the destruction of our American way of life.

Obama’s stated goal of “fundamentally changing America” is coming to fruition and his pitting of one group against another has caused some of the worst race relations in this nation’s history.

His policies have caused a wealth gap, which he blames on the greedy evil rich, which is only a sad excuse for Obama not having one idea or clue of how to create wealth.

Support by the mainstream media for his socialist policies won’t build wealth or make anyone better off except those in power, along with certain selective cronies.

Obama’s twisted philosophy is destructive and will never return us to the days of the prosperity that occurred during the Reagan and Clinton-Gingrich time in office.

His policies are the very reason we have 50 million food stamp recipients and 90 million citizens not even looking for work anymore.

Add to those dismal numbers a negative gross national product and Obama’s obvious manipulation of the fictitious unemployment rate of 6.3 percent and you have a floundering president.

The 2014 and 2016 elections can’t come soon enough.


Full funding not in place for Savannah deepening

In my guest column “Water bill dodges choices” (Editorial, June 1), there was a critical sentence omitted.

That sentence was: “Taxpayers take note – seven years later, some projects authorized by WRRDA 2007 remain in limbo because funds still have not been appropriated by Congress.”

Georgia officials have approved expenditure of $226 million in state funds, yet the total Savannah harbor deepening project cost is now estimated at over $700 million. Unless Congress appropriates the remaining $475 million, Georgians will either have to abandon an incomplete project or use state money to finish it.

We believe the project is unjustified regardless of who pays. However, all Georgia taxpayers should beware: The federal legislation authorizing project spending does not guarantee that money from Washington will get here.

Before starting, Georgians should decide if they are ready to spend another half billion dollars on this overblown gamble.