Readers Write 04/21


A community quandary, not a shelter problem

Regarding “Counties killing dogs, cats by the thousands” (Metro, April 19), the dynamics of companion animal “euthanasia” in Atlanta area shelters are complex. This is not a shelter problem — it is a community problem. All Atlanta area animal people, especially nonprofit humane organizations, must be accountable to achieve positive results. Adult dogs are not being retained in homes throughout metropolitan Atlanta. Studies indicate one-third of dogs are relinquished to a shelter. Two-thirds are lost as strays and not reclaimed.

Once in a shelter, the odds of a dog coming out are not favorable. Studies show that only 16 percent of pet owners want to adopt an adult dog. A staggering 84 percent want puppies. If the current rate of adoption were doubled, it still would not eliminate the problem of euthanasia of dogs in shelter.

Owning a pet does not automatically guarantee a human-animal bond. Failure to integrate a pet into a home, and to provide veterinary care, sterilization, visual identification, and overcome problem behaviors will eventually lead to fatal consequences for the dog.

Please don’t blame shelters.

Bob Christiansen, president, Atlanta Animal Alliance


Be responsible: Prevent unwanted litters

A little bit of knowledge and understanding would solve our problem of thousands of unwanted cats and dogs from being killed in our shelters.

Someone who is told of the millions of unwanted litters that are born, who does not do the responsible thing of getting their pet fixed, has blood on their hands.

Shame on every one of you who does not do this for your pet!

Andrea Appel, Norcross


Media, left wing wrong to degrade tea party

Bill Clinton’s recent attack on a group of peaceful Americans for expressing their constitutional rights is despicable.

The tea party has shown great restraint and control, despite the left wing, and the news media and sleazy politicians trying to discredit them.

The latest poll shows 80 percent of the people do not want Obama’s socialism, because it leads to the eroding of freedoms.

We do not want government control of every aspect of our lives — and those on the left, including the AJC, will soon realize this.

Tom Gambeski, Jasper


Baby boomers must consider young people

After reading Jay Bookman’s column (“State legislators’ ‘reasoning’ selfish and short-sighted,” Opinion, April 16) about the tax cuts gifted to wealthy senior citizens, I’m ashamed to be a baby boomer. While we kill arts organizations, bleed schools to death and starve public transit, we cut taxes to those who could most afford to contribute to the public good in Georgia.

We need to develop a long- term vision for the future that considers younger people for a change.

Shame on the Republican leaders of this state.

Janet Callum, Atlanta