Readers Write


Think of helping locally

I was moved by “Somali crisis not far for Clarkston” (Opinion, July 3), which urges people to think about the Atlanta-area refugee community and volunteer for local organizations. The courage and fortitude with which these refugees face rebuilding their lives is profoundly inspiring. Next time you think of where to donate your resources — time or money — please consider helping these new Americans.

Diane Dexter, Decatur

Hero in Honduras

President Roberto Micheletti has vowed to hold elections by November. He is so ready to get out of power that he even proposed holding elections in September. He would not be a candidate — he would step aside. All of this in order to restore democracy to Honduras and assure a fair and legal election as their law dictates. He has saved Honduras from the next Hugo Chavez and has sealed himself as a hero in Honduras.

Chris Taylor, Alpharetta


More money no solution

I agree with Mr. Haythorn and Mr. Markham that the church and other nonprofits will play an increasingly important role as economic times get tougher (“Theology suffers a funding crisis,” Opinion, July 5). But I find their view that more funding is needed to support college loans for seminary students short-sighted. Leadership is not ordained; it is earned through trust and respect. We need to encourage every citizen to help lead our nation by educating themselves and taking ownership of problems. We need to invest in communications and help fund local organizations that are effective with limited resources. Money is certainly important, but time and love will ultimately pay the greatest dividends.

Jonathan Putnam, Decatur


Exporting arts valuable

While watching the coverage of the Michael Jackson memorial and seeing people from all over the world singing and dancing to his music, I realized that one of America’s greatest exports is pop culture, and the arts in general. I hope President Obama is successful in creating a Cabinet-level secretary of arts and culture. Our dominance as a world power should not be related to how many bombs and weapons we export, or how many people we kill, but by our values placed on the humanities and the arts. That is our greatest export.

Rick Gilmore, Snellville

Word of thanks

Jay Leno commented that he could ridicule the president of the United States night after night, and that’s OK, but “Say one word against Michael Jackson, and boooo!” Maybe that just tells us something. Jackson made everyone happy with his entertainment and talent. Let’s thank him for that.

Else Shouse, Cumming