Readers write: Sept. 1

State puts politics before kids’ health

It’s sad only one Georgia Board of Education member (Kenneth Mason) out of nine can put the health of our public school students above petty political pandering. As AJC recently reported (“Schools get state exemption from feds’ food rules,” News, Aug. 22), the state Board of Education is exploiting a loophole in the new federal “smart snacks” legislation banning unhealthy foods during the school day, so as to let Georgia schools serve junk food half the days in the school year.

The reason? Supposed federal over-reach in education. “We’re not going to Nanny State our way to a healthier lifestyle,” said Superintendent John Barge. “Georgians know what’s best for Georgians,” board member Martha Hampton added.

Really? I guess that explains why Georgia has some of the nation’s worst ratings for obesity, hypertension and other nutrition-related health problems. Here we have yet another example of how reflexive, pig-headed conservative opposition to the very idea of federal government oversight is harming our quality of life.


Lawyer’s flippancy not to be celebrated

I was a prosecutor for 30 years. I tried many cases against attorney Herb Shafer. In my opinion, Mr. Shafer’s outrageous and unethical conduct did more harm than good for his clients. Mr Shafer thought the Code of Professional Conduct applied to every lawyer but him. In his tribute to the late Mr. Shafer, “I’ve shot better men than you” (News, Aug. 27), AJC columnist Bill Torpy found it amusing to include some of Mr Shafer’s derogatory remarks about judges and prosecutors. I suggest if Mr. Torpy is ever a victim of crime, he find a Herb Shafer to represent him.


BK unpatriotic? What a whopper

The notion that it is “unpatriotic” for Burger King to contemplate a move to Canada to escape burdensome taxes and regulations is patently absurd. What is really unpatriotic is promulgating such taxation and regulation in the first place. If it continues, businesses will continue to seek relief, as well they should. A business is, after all, a profit-making entity, not a public-service organization whose mission is to provide jobs. Excessive taxation and regulation didn’t begin with Obama, but his administration has made it worse.

The best – indeed the only – way to create jobs is to allow businesses to grow and prosper. No profitless business expands. I’m not addicted to fast food, but I plan to increase my visits to Burger King if the threatened boycott gets off the ground.


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