Readers Write: Sept. 27

Peachtree stretch needs to be cleaned up

Miracle Mile … seriously? Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta between 10th and Ponce has become a war zone. There are now nightly vehicle drag races, open drug sales and prostitution, extremely aggressive panhandlers and drug addicts harassing people. Something beyond the usual “welcome to Midtown” response would be appreciated. What can we do as concerned citizens and investors to assist our authorities with improving this small stretch of Peachtree?


Health aid shouldn’t go to moochers

Prescribing an answer to the question of how to insure thousands of Georgians who depend on others to cover the cost is offered by the Georgia Chamber as one being “broad and vague.” One can’t have any problem agreeing with that, and it is easy to agree that able-bodied recipients need to have “skin in the game.” Most of us know what the problem is, but we’re called insensitive if we suggest that most of the recipients are not well due to unhealthy and unproductive lifestyles. Or they are undocumented, and they are always eager to receive more welfare in any shape or form. It’s suggested by State Sen. Vincent Fort that more federal money be provided to increase Medicaid that would relieve many from “financial pressure and onerous work requirements.” Which is to say the potential recipients wouldn’t have to worry about finances or finding a job. It boils down to this: more and more liberals want taxpayers to support and provide the necessities of life to a group that refuses to contribute time and effort to our mutual benefit. That’s what Hillary Clinton means when she says she is going to eliminate inequities.