Readers write: Nov. 16

Keep classrooms free of cellphones

In response to the column by a high school teacher on cellphones in classrooms (“Can students hang up and learn?” Opinion, Nov. 9), schools should prohibit cellphones in class, period. If a student has one out, it gets confiscated, and can only be retrieved by the child’s parent/guardian. For those classes where the calculator function is needed, hand out class-owned devices. They only cost about $10 each these days.

Teacher authority and discipline are not being enforced. So why are we surprised when these kids grow up not respecting the authority of a police officer? We have lost all sense of common sense in today’s America, and it’s not just in the schools. It’s very sad for the kids, who should be able to depend on the “adults” to do what is right for them, even when they (the kids) don’t know what that is.


Mob mentally at work at Mizzou

Anarchy is fairly defined as “mob rule,” and a “mob” as a crowd of disorderly people intent on causing trouble or violence. Modern academia is replete with liberal philosophers in the classrooms both at the lectern and in the students’ desks. The president of the University of Missouri likely participated in the creation and affirmation in the minds of his students the idea that this is a democracy and the majority must rule – rather than following the rule of law – and now he has been hoist by his own petard and is out of work. When we continue to meekly allow this “mobocracy,” we will have only ourselves to blame when the mob comes to our door with pitchforks and blazing torches.


AJC podcast top-notch, balanced

I commend reporter Bill Rankin on the excellent “Breakdown” podcast. Production value was top-notch. It was highly entertaining and informative, and I thought Rankin was even-handed in his reporting. I have written a positive review for iTunes, and I will spread the word on Reddit. It was a very enjoyable listen, and I hope that you continue with podcasting in the near future.