Readers Write: Nov. 11

Veterans need connections with employers

Veteran’s Day is an important time to recognize the significant contributions U.S. military veterans have made to our country. And with more than 250,000 veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce each year, it is also a good time to focus on their futures.

Unemployment among veterans aged 18-24 is nearly double the unemployment rate for civilians in the same age group. A recent national survey found more than half of veterans are worried about how to translate their military skills to a business environment.

There is a rich life sciences industry in Atlanta, collectively working to improve the lives of millions. MVPvets, a nonprofit that helps veterans find meaningful employment within the life science industry, will connect vets with local employers like Elekta that place a high value on transferable skills.


Trump will make our plight worse

I am no longer a patriot. Not after my country has elected Donald Trump. Even if Trump were to do none of the terrible things he promised in his campaign, any nation that would choose this monster as president does not deserve my allegiance. I’m staying here only because my wife and I can’t bear to leave her children and their families behind. Otherwise, I would leave America and never look back. As it is, I must continue living among you — not as a patriot but as a subversive.

I realize many of you voted for Trump because you’ve been struggling to make a good living for years and don’t feel Washington has been there for you. But you foolishly let your bigotry lead you to vote for your own worst enemy, a Republican plutocrat who will make your plight worse. You have no excuse. You truly are deplorable.