Glad Atlanta lost Amazon HQ2 tax giveaway

I read with a sigh of relief that Amazon has picked “lucky” cities other than Atlanta for its HQ2 expansion – relief that another taxpayer giveaway on top of the Gulch deal won’t happen, relief that other Atlanta businesses won’t be cannibalized and that the ills visited on Amazon’s Seattle location won’t be coming here. As city and state functionaries scurry around analyzing how we went wrong, I’m wondering if Jeff Bezos’ sensitive nostrils just might have been offended by the stench of corruption wafting for many years from Atlanta’s City Hall.


Early voters not ‘controlled’ by anyone

Early voting is a proactive, positive choice – not a “control mechanism” as stated by an AJC letter writer (Readers Write, Nov. 13). I chose to vote early for many reasons. Voting is a privilege, so why leave it to chance by waiting until the last day? Anything could happen to prevent you from going to the polls on election day: severe illness, family emergencies, work, car accidents, delays at the polls, torrential rain or other weather events. Voting early is a “planning ahead because it is vitally important” thing. It enters your vote on the day and time of your choosing, ensuring such an important task is indeed accomplished. Of course we study the candidates, issues and referendums ahead of time to make informed, independent choices. The idea that those who are assertive enough to vote early are less informed or less responsible is wrong.


Election actions amount to racism

I think it was totally wrong and racist to let Brian Kemp remain secretary of state while running for governor. It was a rigged election, and Kemp worked to remove voters from the rolls. My 92-year-old mother, who votes in every election, was removed from the rolls. She was not given notice, and when she went to vote in Covington, they told her she had been removed. Are our seniors and elderly not important any more? Are they cherry-picking the ones who live in black neighborhoods so they can win? My ancestors went through dogs, marches and slavery to get the right to vote. Something has to be done by the federal judges to strike down the racist-drawn maps so our devoted seniors can vote. We have the right to be heard, and no militia with guns, stalking terroristic mobs, or night riders will stop us. We will not go back!


Dems’ crowing is just noisy distracton

For the second time in 30 years, a sitting president has gained seats and maintained control of the U.S. Senate during a midterm election. President Trump put himself on the line, relentlessly campaigning, propping up Republican candidates, pushing them across the line to victory. He reminded his supporters how poorly Justice Kavanaugh was treated by the Democrats during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing, with ginned-up accusations of inappropriate behavior with women; this, and the looming threat of the caravan of immigrants heading to the U.S., seemed to be the catalyst that brought about the Senate win. The Democrats won enough seats in the House to regain control. They act as if this gives them some real power. In reality, they can scream and holler while the president sharpens his veto and executive order pencil, just as his predecessor did, making them just a noisy distraction.


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