Readers Write: Nov. 18

Average Americans are the real radicals

You know what’s funny?

The privileged young people who are posting selfies of themselves weeping because their candidate lost or who are stamping their feet in protest with “not my president” scrawled in ink on their forehead imagine that they are the radicals. They don’t realize that they are cowed followers of the establishment. They are on the side of a corrupt government, a corrupt DOJ, a corrupt FBI, a corrupt IRS, a corrupt and dishonest media, a corrupt education system that taught them all the foolish things that they believe.

You know who are the radicals? Plumbers, firemen, cops, waitresses, clerks, middle managers, teachers, parents and all the other decent average people who peacefully placed their vote against the establishment on election day. They are the people who make America great (to borrow a phrase). And for once; just this one time, the people won.


Trump’s plans a real nightmare for U.S.

I just read about some of Trump’s early plans.

He wants to gut the Consumer Protection Bureau, which, at last report, was designed to help middle and lower classes. He wants to gut the Labor Department, which at last report, was designed to help the working class from the likes of Trump. He wants to gut the Fiduciary Rule, which is designed to make sure financial advisors sell programs that are what the consumer wants and not what is most profitable for the advisor’s company.

During his campaign, Trump demonized hedge fund managers and his anti-Wall Street rhetoric was eaten up by his crowds. Turns out he already has two hedge fund billionaires on his advisory team.

Hold on friends, when Medicare is targeted to pay for his $6 trillion tax cut, of which 44 percent is scheduled to go to the top 1 percent.

Good luck folks.