Caravan mothers guilty of child abuse

Not one Democratic leader is talking about the migrants coming to our border.

A reporter on Univision in Miami was on TV, asking how can we do this to these little children? He said it was child abuse. I will tell you what is child abuse: parents letting these kids travel thousands of miles through Central America with no food, shelter or money. These so-called young mothers, looking at the pictures, most are pregnant and carrying one or two little babies. Their taking these little babies into these horrible conditions is child abuse in itself. If they do make it into the U.S., they should be arrested and charged with child abuse, just like everyone else who would do that. The liberals will want to give them a pass and hold them to a different standard then we Americans.


Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric is dangerous

The adage, “Think before you speak,” is particularly cogent when applied to a statement in letters nearly an inch high, spread across the AJC front page: “Bombs an act of terror” (Oct. 25, News). Of course the recent attempted bombings were terrorism, but to so publicly label them is to forget that, to some Americans, “terrorism” has the unfair connotation, “Muslim,” and it is naive to think none of those quoted had this in mind when they said it. Deflecting blame from President Trump is daily routine for quite a few in our Congress, and in this case, Trump is as guilty, with his inflammatory rhetoric and literally thousands of bald-faced lies, as the bomb-maker. The sly insinuated idea that a Muslim might have done it is one way to deflect blame. For the truth, see the Luckovich cartoon, same AJC issue, showing Trump breathing fire on a bomb fuse.