Readers write: May 23

GOP defies views of Ga. majorities

The Republican Senate candidates try to wear the conservative label as a badge of honor. Upon closer inspection, you will discover that being a conservative today is a badge of dishonor. They are against just about everything and for almost nothing positive. They oppose such things as minimum-wage increases, food stamps, expanding Medicaid, workplace fairness for women, Wall Street reform, immigration reform, background checks for gun purchases, and scientific fact. But they are for tax cuts for the rich, suppressing the vote, eroding campaign finance laws, discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, and preventing the uninsured from getting affordable health care. Most of the things they oppose, majorities of Georgians are in favor of, and things they are for, majorities oppose. It is time for voters to stop reflexively voting for Republicans and elect candidates who will represent all of Georgia.


Columnist right about Great Society

As one who has watched Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society take America from a nation that literally saved the world from becoming enslaved by the world’s dictators to a nation now on the verge of becoming “just another nation” among nations, I want to thank the AJC for publishing George Will’s insightful message that provided the details of how the Great Society has led America to the brink of self-destruction, much as the Roman Empire self-destructed from within: by destroying the traditional family and becoming a welfare nation. While Johnson’s Great Society sounded good on paper, it reversed the principles of liberty upon which America was founded — “the Laws of Nature, and of Nature’s God,” as Jefferson made clear in his Declaration of Independence.


Praise for trying to balance views

It has been my occasional reflection that my money could be better spent than on a news medium that chooses to give space to the likes of Thomas Sowell and Charles Krauthammer. I usually place my coffee cup on their pictures so as to be able to enjoy breakfast. Since moving to Park Springs Retirement Community, I have had my eyes opened to the fact that a large portion of our population here feel the AJC is a socialist rag. For all the scornful thoughts I have lavished upon Michael Ramirez, there are an equal or greater number who consider Mike Luckovich to be the spawn of the devil. Even your efforts to ferret out the truth on your Truth-O-Meter go largely unappreciated. This letter is an apology to all of your dedicated news people who have to deal with the extremely polarized viewpoints in our extremely polarized society. Maybe you will become the leader who helps guide us back to sanity. At least you’re trying.