Readers write, May 15


Headline disregards value of jobs created

It seems to me that the headline, “Carpet jobs cost Ga. $44K each” (News, May 9), misses the point.

Whenever I travel the I-75 corridor between here and Chattanooga, I am distressed to pass the vacant carpet showrooms and warehouses once so important to that area’s economy. Now I learn from the AJC that there is the possibility of 2,400 new jobs being created. Once again, income and all that goes with it will be flowing into that distressed area. Even unemployment and other government hand-outs will be saved. But what is stressed by this headline? Something to the effect that gaining those jobs will actually cost taxpayers millions.

It seems to me that vacant buildings and jobless area citizens not only bring zero dollars to the plate, but have even more negatives in the millions extended through government payouts to help the unemployed survive. You don’t have to be a college grad to realize that 100 percent of nothing is nothing.

Come on, AJC, give your local and state officials a break.



Critic can’t see balance of political cartoonists

Apparently, the author of “Cartoonist goes easy on Obama’s missteps” (Readers write, Opinion, May 9) can’t see cartoonist Michael Ramirez’s almost daily diatribe featuring President Obama, located directly below Mike Luckovich’s cartoon nearly every day.

Since the writer seems never to look down, one has to assume he is only capable of looking to the right. Mr. Ramirez seems to have it in for Mr. Obama. It would appear that your cartoon policy is indeed fair and balanced. The May 9 Luckovich cartoon (Opinion) seems an ironic counterpoint to the writer’s inability to look down the page and see a clear liberal/conservative balance there.



City’s Olympic park wins praise for beauty

I had not been to Centennial Olympic Park in several years until recently. I attended a small picnic, and I was amazed at how beautiful this place has become — what with the lush greenery and trees, wonderful fountains and waterfalls.

Atlanta, we have a jewel in our midst. We shouldn’t forget it.



S.C. voters show what really matters to them

Let us not deny anymore who doesn’t want to compromise.

South Carolinians would rather vote for the devil than a Democrat. It doesn’t matter if a liar and cheat runs for office.

Shame on South Carolina.