GOP should learn from Dems how to support Trump

Republican congresspersons claim the media is their greatest enemy. It is possible, however, that an equal or more important foe is their unwillingness to defend themselves and President Trump. It seems the only times Republicans do interviews or appear on Sunday morning talk shows is when they are attacking the president or party policies. Throughout the Mueller investigation, few Republicans have supported President Trump against the accusations. This silence has continued even after the House Intelligence Committee found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. While the FBI raid on Michael Cohen raised serious constitutional questions, only a few Republicans (such as Sen. Rand Paul) spoke up. If it were not for President Trump’s tweets and comments from him and members of the administration, the views and perspectives of the president and Republican Party would not be known. By contrast, Democrats, such as Minority Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, defend fellow Democrats and argue for their positions. Republicans should spend less time complaining about the media and instead adopt the Democrats’ playbook by advocating for President Trump, fellow Republicans and the Republican Party’s policies.


Delta exec pay hikes should apply to retirees too

Having read the AJC article regarding Delta executives’ apparently well-deserved pay raises (“Pay for Delta CEO Ed Bastian totals $13.2 million,”, April 27), I believe it is time for Delta executives to restore the portion of retiree pensions that Delta removes when we become eligible for Social Security. Delta reduces our pension amounts by more than 40 percent, regardless of the amount we receive from Social Security. As we age, we need more fixed income, not less. Delta should consider the needs of retirees and not just current employees. Retirees should enjoy the fruits of our previous labor. After all, we helped build the company and helped it to prosper during the pilots’ slowdown in the early 2000’s and through the bankruptcy filing.