Readers write, May 22


Cyclists must realize motor vehicle hazards

As long as it remains legal for bicycles to travel on public thoroughfares, motorists must respect the rights of cyclists. For that matter, even if it was illegal for bicycles to be on public thoroughfares, motorists still couldn’t just run over them. Likewise, cyclists must recognize and assume the nuisance their slow-moving “exercise machines” presents to motorists.

Most folks get exercise without imposing their presence on the flow of traffic. I personally ride an off-road bicycle on designated trails, away from the dangers presented by impaired, reckless or discourteous motorists.

Very few public thoroughfares have been designed to provide a safe venue for bicyclists; thus, we can expect to continue hearing sad reports of bicyclists being struck by motorists. Perhaps some cyclists enjoy being exposed to the danger of vehicles whizzing by, entrusting the drivers to make proper life-or-death decisions. Not me!



VA audiology clinic deserves recognition

The Atlanta VA Medical Center has been taking it on the chin in the AJC the last few weeks.

In the last two months, I have had two appointments at the center, in the audiology clinic. Their coordination was excellent. They mailed me directions both to the hospital and (within the facility) to reach the right clinic. They provided parking directions, with plenty of free parking, and easy access to the building. I waited less than 20 minutes from the time of my appointment; was seen by very polite, competent people, and provided with superb care and equipment and prompt follow-up. All in all, it was an excellent experience, and much better than the last time I went to a local hospital.

I don’t doubt there are some problems that need to be fixed in a facility of that size and complexity, but from my perspective, it is much better than many of the local alternatives.



Praise for Brave who took time out for fans

As avid Braves fans, our family always looks forward to their annual visit to play the Diamondbacks. Prior to a recent game, our kids, in Braves attire, decided to head down toward the playing field in search of autographs. With other, older Braves fans around, it was tough for them to find a spot that would allow them easy access to gain any signatures. However, one Brave — who happens to be my son’s favorite — saw them and brought them forward for not only a couple of autographs, but a picture opportunity, too.

Thank you, Craig Kimbrel, for your extra effort toward making this family’s ballpark experience one they won’t ever forget.