Readers write, May 14


Cartoonist captures, clarifies day’s events

I beg to differ with the gentleman who wrote to criticize Mike Luckovich (“Cartoonist goes easy on Obama’s missteps,” Readers write, Opinion, May 9).

Mr. Luckovich’s cartoons are a delight, and one of the main reasons I subscribe to the AJC. Every morning, when I open up the paper, I am amazed by how, with just a simple image, he is able to clarify and crystallize whatever nonsense is going on in the country or in the state.

You have millions of fans, Mike — across the state, and across the nation. Keep up the good work.


Liberal attitude shows in Benghazi cartoon

Mike Luckovich’s political cartoon depicting the Benghazi “whistleblowers”(Opinion, May 9) typifies the liberal attitude about the murder of our Ambassador Stevens and three others. To quote the former secretary of state, “What difference does it make?”



What we see results from one-party rule

A big “thank you” goes to Jay Bookman for detailing the weakening of the new ethics legislation (“A stealthy, last-minute weakening of ethics bill,” Opinion, May 8).

We are now seeing the result of one-party rule in the state of Georgia. Evidently, the pigs just can’t push themselves away from the feeding trough, and no one in authority is going to hold them accountable. Say good-bye to your vote, citizens. It is being sold down the river.



Mayor must combat perception of crime

I commend Mayor Reed’s desire to change public perception of Atlanta crime (“Mayor: Response to crimes coming,” Metro, May 7). But he won’t do it by saying crime is down when the news every day exposes more horrible violence. We witness murders, shootings, drive-by killings, muggings, rapes, child trafficking, burglaries, drug sales and gang violence all the time.

Even if statistics show otherwise, far too many acts of violence are in our faces daily. The rate of crime is not important; the numbers of incidents are. Perception will never improve until we improve prevention and prosecution of crime. We must rid the city of gang members, thugs and remorseless punks who have our citizens’ necks in a noose. Until then, the criminals are in control, and we fear for our safety and our lives.

Come on, Mayor Reed. If you really do “get it,” prove it! Eliminate crime.


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