Readers Write: May 30

Memorial Day helps us reflect on peace, freedom

I believe each year there are those days set aside for the populace to bring courage in creating moments to remember the high cost of freedom, and protection of many.

I believe veterans, and their families remember this day often. Veterans who passed on because of wounds in other countries; and also veterans who are here — and pass on later, are all veterans to be recognized, and thought of.

It is interesting that in the many past hostilities which brought Americans and their allies to distant shores, that the later day shows peace as the resolution. For example, Vietnam. We see commerce, sharing, and visits to Vietnam, when in the 1960s - 1970s, there was death and destruction. Now there is constant rebuilding.

I remember my days in Vietnam, and the thought of wanting, and needing peace. I remember my father as a POW in the Philippines in WWII. I share my thank you for all veterans. If only we (all countries, beliefs) could communicate for peace. Surely it is understood that the greater harm comes to the civilians (mothers, fathers, and children, and family).


Delta right to cut off Fox Theatre

In reference to Bill Torpy’s column (“Business or personal?” Metro, May 23), I’m sorry Mr. Torpy has such a problem with good American business for Atlanta (Delta vs. Qatar). Perhaps he ought to try working for that particular foreign airline and watch his workers’ rights get “whacked.” Or perhaps serfdom is just fine with Bill (just kidding).

As a union card-carrying, mostly conservative, ex-U.S. Navy, Delta Air Lines employee, I’m all for pressing my company for better benefits and competing with fellow airlines, but when it comes to state-sponsored airlines like Qatar, my loyalties are solid U.S.A., and I don’t care how politically incorrect that sounds to anyone.