Readers write, May 2


Don’t blame terror act on suspect’s religion

My heart goes out to the victims of the Boston bombing. My prayers are with them, and I understand that no amount of feelings of sorrow on my part will bring comfort to those who lost their loved ones or got seriously injured.

However, I also feel that I should not be defending my faith (Islam) when some deranged people decide to kill innocents in its name. They have nothing to do with me and all the peace-loving Muslims who live in America as loyal citizens. Islam teaches me that loyalty to one’s country is part of the faith.

Killing is a grave sin. God permitted no one to kill human beings in His name.



Gun background check stumbles on trust issue

Regarding “Gun owners shouldn’t fear background check” (Readers write, Opinion, April 29), while law-abiding gun owners don’t fear checks, I have gone through a couple myself — and they do have other fears and concerns. Here are a few: some politician deciding to make the cost of those checks prohibitive; some politician deciding who I can sell my private property to; some anti-gun politician deciding what constitutes failure of a check, and the government collecting data on gun owners and what weapons they have.

While politicians will say that none of these consequences are intended, anybody who knows government knows that they will say anything to get what they want.



Dowd needs stronger conservative counter

I always have to chuckle when the AJC claims to be “balanced” in its editorial pages.

Nowhere is the bias more evident than when one looks at the ink devoted to far-left opinion “journalists” such as Maureen Dowd. She is probably the most acerbic female liberal I have ever read.

So, in the interest of a fair fight, why not replace George Will with the equally acerbic Ann Coulter, and let the fur fly? At least it would be apples vs. apples.



Jekyll Island marsh status invites worry

Thank you for your concise article of April 27 regarding the Jekyll Island development issue before the state attorney general (“Jekyll’s room to grow at risk,” News, April 27).

We are very concerned about the Jekyll Island Authority’s attempt to consider marsh area as land in applying the 65/35 law. We are concerned about over-development of Jekyll and have contacted the attorney general’s office to advise of our opposition to the J.I.A. position.