Readers write: March 28


New law may force us to guard our remarks

I have been known to say things at public gatherings that have upset some of my more conservative acquaintances. Given that in Georgia anyone will be able to carry a gun most anywhere and use it whenever they feel they are confronted with a danger to their life, I am concerned that my First Amendment right to freedom of speech will be trumped by someone’s Second Amendment right to stand their ground. Therefore, I will now preface my public remarks by asking, “Is anyone in the room carrying a gun?” — requesting that if my words are too upsetting to them, that they at least give me a running start for the door.


It’s time for us to take back our Legislature

Jay Bookman’s column on the new gun law in Georgia exposes the insanity in our midst. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Our elected officials have let us down and succumbed to the demands of fanatics hellbent on imposing their flawed vision on the entire state. Most Georgians should be appalled at the extent to which we have slipped into a Wild West “gunoracy.” Are we really this far into anarchy? The only way out is to remove these self-centered villains who have been elected, and replace them with reasonable community-driven people who aren’t at the beck and call of the NRA or any other fringe group. Georgia is being taken over by extremists, and it’s time we the people did something about it.


Georgia marches boldly into the 19th century

Finally, Georgia is No. 1. We have what must be the most NRA-friendly gun laws in the country. Combine this with a statutory rejection of the Affordable Care Act; requiring drug testing for SNAP recipients; and refusal to allow medical marijuana to comfort ill children, and our Legislature has really distinguished itself. But don’t worry. Anyone seeing one of our Confederate license tags will understand that they have experienced time travel and landed squarely in the middle of the 19th century. Or they might figure this out from the condition of our crumbling roads and bridges, a consequence of the nation’s lowest taxes. Way to go, Georgia.



Don’t give credence to unproven theory

It’s disappointing to see otherwise brilliant men waste their time chasing the source for the mythical “Big Bang Theory” (“Team finds new evidence of moment after Big Bang,” News, March 18). It is akin to searching for Yogi Bear; it’s just not going to happen. The so-called Big Bang Theory is just that, an unproven and unprovable theory that will never be substantiated. It is also disheartening to see the AJC publish such nonsense as the writer states the points of the theory as if it were fact. It reminds me of the verse in Scripture (Job 38:4) where God states, “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the Earth?”