Readers Write: March 30

Krugman wrong on the white working class

Once again, Paul Krugman has decided that anyone who doesn’t agree with his view of the sociopolitical world are lost somewhere between stupid and evil (“GOP elite cling to disdain for white working class,” Opinion, March 21). The key to his pejorative rant is found in the phrase “every other advanced country” which he consistently uses as the baseline against which America should be harshly judged. The problem is that America doesn’t fit the stereotypical cookie-cutter model of governance that he adores. He should consider that white working-class mortality may be caused, at least in part, by having to work harder for less because the government taxes productivity to achieve their socialist goal of wealth redistribution. He loves this noble-sounding excuse for legitimized theft, but it’s still theft and it’s killing people.


Deal right to veto religious-liberty bill

Having lived in rural Georgia for many years, including two terms as a County Commissioner, I know that many of my close friends and neighbors have sincerely held beliefs about the Bible and homosexuality. However, when the Bible is used as an excuse to foster bigotry, that is just plain wrong.

Although I am a former Chair of the Republican Party in a rural Georgia county, Gov. Deal and I have not agreed on much. I have been especially critical of his politically motivated refusal to accept federal Medicaid money to expand that program to the working poor. But, the governor has made the right decision this time in vetoing the so-called “religious freedom” bill, even if he may have done it for solely economic reasons. The courts have already determined which way we are headed on this issue … towards protecting the rights of Americans from discrimination. Let’s all accept that fact.