Column ignores validated climate changes

The regrettable column by Walter Williams (“Earth is not fragile, climate alarmists notwithstanding,” Opinion, March 6) was the opposite of what these critical times demand. The crying need is for accurate climate information, generating public pressure on Congress for effective action. Williams quoted a political candidate but was dismissive of “the people at the Intergovernmental Council on Climate Change” and of its reports of our peril, endorsed by virtually every climate scientist on the planet. He ignored science, cherry-picking quotations from deluded professors and citing, without evidence, the power of past earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as exceeding mankind’s ability to alter the climate. Consider a few facts pertinent to Williams’ column. Earthquakes don’t affect climate, but aerosols ejected by volcanoes have cooled the earth for brief periods and, in eons past, greenhouse gases from continuing eruptions warmed the climate – just as it is today – and ultimately exterminated most living species.


Dems need to accept Trump’s right man for job

E.J. Dionne Jr. will never get over Clinton’s defeat (Opinion, March 8). Trump’s success in governing, even with the constant media distractions, is proof the right man is in the Oval Office. Now Dionne is rhapsodizing over HR 1, a liberal Democratic brainchild to combat political corruption that bloomed while the Clintons were in the White House. HR 1 and the Green New Deal are efforts by the House to distract from the important business at hand to protect our southern border and our president’s efforts to squash liberal-led socialist programs. If the liberal Democratic members of the House would get their heads out of the sand and assist making America great again, we’d all benefit. Since we don’t have enough distractions from the Pelosi-led House, Rep. Cummings’ committee is going to investigate Georgia’s voting rights structure, as Ms Abrams lost her bid to enlarge the welfare system here.


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