Readers Write: June 27

Obama failed by following FDR footsteps

Isn’t it funny that Leonard Pitts feels qualified to lecture Republicans about learning from history, but is so politically blind that he can’t see Democrats’ blunders when they slap him in the face? President Obama had two clear, and clearly different, examples before him when he decided how to deal with the recession he inherited.

Franklin Roosevelt chose to impose government solutions — fake jobs (government make-work programs), regulation, bureaucracy, etc. Ronald Reagan chose to offer incentives to the free market (lower tax rates) and get government out of the way, and let the free market do its work.

Under FDR, the recovery dragged on and on and would have continued that way indefinitely if it were not for World War II. Under Reagan, the economy sprung to life and gave us the biggest and quickest recovery in economic history.

Obama chose the FDR solution, adding executive orders and flouting bankruptcy laws on top of that! “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”… and here we are, repeating it to this day, more than seven years into the so-called Obama Recovery.


Trump’s rise due to parties’ indifference

It’s amazing to me that the media and both political parties are still trying to rationalize Trump’s popularity.

And I think so many Americans are tired of the Republican indifference to the decline in earnings of the American worker, tired of Democrats bowing down for so many bellyaching special groups, and above all for having a poster-child for weakness as president.

Americans like me want a better choice for a national political party.


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