Readers Write: June 8

License plate debacle a poor use of courts

A lady who is a baggage handler at Atlanta Airport was on her way to a church yard sale to raise money for homeless women at 7:30 a.m. A police officer pulled her over because he could not read her license tag number — it was dirty. He then discovered she had not attached an updated decal to her tag. The decal was in glove box and she showed it to the officer and had forgotten to attach it to her tag. This led to a $1,590 fine. Consider the consequences of this officer’s action (or inaction). He could have cleaned the tag, attached the decal and wished the lady a nice day. Instead, this caused inconvenience to all parties, poor use of resources, time from work duties, three court appearances, cost to taxpayers and you can bet this matter is not over yet. What has happened to compassion, acts of kindness and good old common sense?


Elected officials should appeal to greater good

The Democratic party accuses Republicans of creating rifts, schisms in the political arena. But if progressives are honest (rarely), they have created the biggest schism evidenced by Jim Galloway’s column “Will Trump appeal to black voters” News, May 29. No elected official should at any time “appeal” to blacks, whites, Mexicans, women, LGBT, Christians, etc. They should appeal to the greater good for all, respecting the individual. The AJC and the Dems love to measure each possible splinter group and make appeals to each of them suggesting the Republicans are not “inclusive.” Inclusive means we’re all voters who want an effective, honest, fiscally sound government that doesn’t have its hand in my pocket that protects us all — that’s its first and primary task.