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Efforts to defund police will endanger public safety

Peace officers have been the least paid, least appreciated and worst equipped government workers, in a very dangerous and controversial profession. All the talk of defunding and non-support of the law enforcement will lead to more crime, not less, in our nation. Society will soon learn to pay officers a decent wage and support them. The thin blue line remains the greatest factor keeping law-abiding citizens safe and is evidence of the tremendous service provided by 99% of the honest and hard-working peace officers of this nation. Time will prove my words to be true, so help me God.


Thanks AJC for comparing elections approaches

Thank you, AJC and Jim Galloway, for highlighting the stark differences between the training, operations, preparedness and management executed by former Secretary of State Cathy Cox and today’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (“Cathy Cox provides a 2002 lesson in voting technology,” Metro, June 14). Due to incompetence on an industrial scale, thousands of Georgia’s voters were denied their sacred right to vote. Raffensperger should not blame others for his failure, as it is a poor carpenter who blames his tools. Raffensperger has stated years ago that, “My wide breadth of experience, education and business and leadership success had prepared me for such a time as this.” If he wants to show leadership and integrity, he should resign and let someone who is up to the task run Georgia’s elections.


Black lives matter, as do unborn lives

As a black woman watching the death of George Floyd, it really shook me to my core. I remembered personally being racially profiled. But I am still living. I believe the death of George Floyd will not be in vain. I have never seen people display peaceful protest like this, not only in the United States but all over the world. The senseless murder of George Floyd has brought a change to the entire world. The death of George Floyd is definitely the straw that's broken the camel's back. His death has brought all races and nations together to say enough is enough. Something must be done. As Georgia Chapter Coordinator as well as South Region Coordinator for Democrats For Life, it has made me more determined to save the life of the unborn. Abortion needs to stop! Black lives matter, but also the life of the unborn matters. Democrats for Life of America stand in solidarity to see the lives of Black men and women not be profiled simply for their color. But we also continue to fight for the lives of the unborn because their lives matter and deserve the opportunity to be born safely!


Time for South to move past Confederate legacy

I am a child of the South, descended from slave owners and Confederate sympathizers in western Kentucky. I cannot erase that personal history, however much I would like to. But the least I can do is support those who say it is long past time to pull down the statuary erected in support of the Confederacy and its leaders. Most of the statuary was erected in the early 20th Century, a generation after the battles they eulogize. It purposefully supported a later civil unrest, the battle against integration that the South fought for 100 years after the Civil War. This generation created a mythological Lost Cause that glorified the antebellum period and slavery, and falsely claimed states’ rights, not slavery, caused the conflict. As Robert E. Lee himself said, furl those banners, remove those statues, and rid our society of these constant reminders of a terrible time of slavery, treason and war. Relegate these artifacts to museums or the junk heap.


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